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New York Book Fair

A Lost Novel
Jane Austen?

An Analytical Essay

Osric Allen

Published by
Robert Temple
58, Ridge Road, London N21 3EA, England

The author identifies a rare novel published in 1806 as a probable addition to     Jane Austen's juvenilia.    
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ISBN 978-0-9523093-2-1

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In the UK, inflation is minimal and has been very low for some considerable time but this has not stopped Edinburgh Council from imposing a swinging 145 per cent increase in the Stamp and Book Dealers Annual License. (From £24 to £59)  With the high cost of accommodation and parking it is becoming increasingly difficult for dealers. 
  Andy Betchley, Chairman, PBFA Scotland & UK National Secretary, has written a letter in which he provides more details. 
  If you visit, or take part, please write a note to the Council and voice your views.  All we ask is that you let either Andy or our editor know that you have acted.

How ironic is the Council's action? See the last item in News: First Literature Quarter!


International: South Sudan - where even school books are rare books
Without literacy the world would be an impossible place - barriers everywhere you turn and every barrier high, keeping you fenced in by poverty and lack of power.
  ILAB booksellers want to smash down these barriers. They really understand the value of literacy and the place of the book as a vehicle of cultural messages, knowledge and entertainment - not to mention an object of beauty. They have to. To become a member of any of the 22 national associations that the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) is the umbrella body of, requires expertise and a real appreciation for rare books. Read more

South Africa: AntiquarianAuctions and UNESCO's World Book & Copyright Day
Paul Mills, founder of, is also an antiquarian book dealer in his own right and trades as Clarke's Africana & Rare Books. He told Sheppard's Confidential: "Even though we are an international business, our offices are based in Cape Town, South Africa and we felt that it is particularly important for us to support the campaign. South Africa alone has very high levels of illiteracy with varying statistics. We need to support education and training to fight illiteracy."
  At the next auction which runs from 16-23 April, Clarke's Rare Books & Africana will sell a facsimile copy of S. Daniell's African Scenery and Animals, donating the proceeds to UNESCO. (The only item in the auction to be donated to charity!)
This is a facsimile reprint of the large folio of aquatint plates, first published in 1804-1805 with an introduction and notes by Frank Bradlow and signed by him.
  Samuel Daniell arrived at the Cape on 9 December 1799. He was appointed by Lieutenant-General Dundas, who became his patron there, and to whom the first volume (part) is dedicated, to act as secretary to a mission to the 'Booshuanas'. The expedition eventually reached Lataku, at that time the limit of European exploration, and was the source for Daniell of the plates.'
African Scenery and Animals is described as 'the scarcest and most valuable of the large atlas folios of South African illustrations.' (Mendelssohn, South African Bibliography). Description: 30 colour plates, large folio (610 x 460 mm), half blue leather, marbled boards, a fine copy, Facsimile reprint. One of an edition limited to 550 copies, Cape Town, (1804-1805) 1976. Estimate: $700.
   This is a facsimile reprint of the large folio of aquatint plates, first published in 1804-1805 with an introduction and notes by Frank Bradlow and signed by him.
  Samuel Daniell arrived at the Cape on 9 December 1799. He was appointed by Lieutenant-General Dundas, who became his patron there, and to whom the first volume (part) is dedicated, to act as secretary to a mission to the 'Booshuanas'. The expedition eventually reached Lataku, at that time the limit of European exploration, and was the source for Daniell of the plates.'
African Scenery and Animals is described as 'the scarcest and most valuable of the large atlas folios of South African illustrations.' (Mendelssohn, South African Bibliography). Description: 30 colour plates, large folio (610 x 460 mm), half blue leather, marbled boards, a fine copy, Facsimile reprint. One of an edition limited to 550 copies, Cape Town, (1804-1805) 1976. Estimate: $700.
  [Dealers and collectors worldwide have been selling and bidding on since 2010. Auctions are held every five weeks and run on the model of a timed auction for one week. All pricing is done in US$. No buyer's premium is charged.  Next auction: Auction #42: 16 - 23 April 2015]

International: Book Towns

A bookshop owner has called for fellow booksellers to open up in Sedbergh, Cumbria, and join a booky coalition in one of England’s three dedicated Book Towns. Sedbergh became a member of the International Organisation of Book Towns (IOB) in 2005, because locals wanted the town to offer more than just tourism fare for visitors and walkers (the town benefits from tourism to both the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Lake District). There are 17 IOB Book Towns in the world, with three in the UK: Hay-on-Wye, Wigtown and Sedburgh. Read more

USA: Would you believe it?
The bestselling title on Amazon in the US right now is not Harper Lee’s hugely anticipated second novel, Go Set a Watchman, or George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, or even Zoella’s much-mocked but much-bought young adult hit, Girl Online.
  Instead, Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford is topping the charts, with her colouring books for adults taking top spots on’s bestseller lists. Read more

UK: Varia Opuscula Theologica
Shrewsbury’s Oxfam Bookshop received the 1600s copy of Varia Opuscula Theologica by Doctoris Francisco Suarez from a local donor. It is listed on the rare books website, Abe Books, with a price of about £500. Read more

Wales: Hay Castle infestation
In its turbulent 800 year history, Hay Castle has been besieged, set ablaze and become a frequent target for marauding Welsh rebels. But now the medieval stronghold that has already endured so much is at risk of falling to a new army of invaders… which each measure less than half an inch long. An infestation of deathwatch beetles is putting the imposing castle, which towers above the town of Hay-on-Wye on the Welsh border, at peril. Read more

UK: Books about Islam selling fast
Books about Islam are flying off the shelves and selling out in France after the deadly Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in Paris raised questions about the religion.
  Sales of books about the religion were three times higher in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same time last year, according to the French National Union of Bookshops.
  It comes as a special magazine supplement from Philosphie which focused in the Koran also saw a spike in sales following the attacks on the French satirical magazine and a Jewish supermarket, which left 17 dead. Read more

USA: Take Half Off Books thrive
As independent bookstores struggle to survive in a landscape of reading options, secondhand bookstores are thriving from Uptown Whittier to Downtown Covina. Take Half Off Books at 6708 Greenleaf Avenue for example.
  Owner Diane Cox has been heartened by the support local readers have shown for the sprawling store since it opened four years ago. Inside the bright, airy space, patrons will find more than 40,000 books to choose from. Read more

USA: $10 million rare Bible and artifact display now open and free of charge
It's an exhibition of Biblical proportions. Ten million dollars worth of antique, unique and original Bibles are now on display at a Provo bookstore. In addition, there are dozens of religious and historical artifacts. The man behind the display, rare book collector Reid Moon, recently gave ABC 4 Utah a sneak peak. "You could go across the United States and not find a bookshelf filled with 50 bibles from the 1500s to the 1800s." You could call Moon a bible bloodhound. And the collection he's spent years amassing - along with a few loaner pieces - is now on display at the Zion's Mercantile store located in The Shops are Riverwoods - 4801 N. University Avenue in Provo. Read more

USA: US postal service delivers misquote on Maya Angelou stamp
The US postal service on Tuesday is unveiling a new stamp to honour one of the country’s most celebrated writers – but the government agency may have made a basic editing error. The new forever stamp features an oil painting of Maya Angelou, alongside the quote: “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” But on Monday, another author took credit for the line. The children’s book author Joan Walsh Anglund told the Washington Post that the quote is hers. It appears in Anglund’s poem book A Cup of Sun, which was published in 1967. Read more

UK: Story written by future Queen Victoria aged 10 to be published for first time
Always a diligent diary writer, Queen Victoria’s journals run to 141 volumes comprising 43,000 pages, from which extracts were published in what became a bestseller.
  But one of her earliest works, written when she was 10, is only now set to be published for the first time, giving a fascinating insight into the vivid imagination of the future monarch.
  Entitled The Adventures of Alice Laselles by Alexandrina Victoria, aged 10¾, and written in an unassuming red composition notebook now in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle, it tells the story of a 12-year-old girl sent away to boarding school after her father remarries. Read more

Scotland: First official literature quarter
A multi-million bid to create Scotland’s first official literature quarter has been launched to mark the ten years since Edinburgh was honoured as a global culture capital. A stretch of the Royal Mile would be given official status in recognition of centuries of publishing heritage in the area and the number of literary organisations based there. Read more


UK: PBFA's Bury St. Edmunds Book Fair, 11 April
Amongst the huge selection of books, maps, prints and ephemera offered for sale at The Athenaeum on the 11 April will be this rare British Railways poster of the Norman Gate, Bury St. Edmunds. It was painted by Donald Blake (1908-1997) who was a member of the Chelsea Arts Club, the Wapping Group and was President of the London Sketch Club. The poster measure 40” x 25” (102cm x 63cm) and was produced at some point between 1948 and 1965. It is offered for sale, unframed, by Black Cat Bookshop of Leicester at £295. [Click on image to enlarge]
  Also at the fair visitors will find plenty of interesting, unusual and rare books as Local history, British topography, natural history, illustrated books, collectable children’s books, crime fiction and art will all be well represented.
  To mark the forthcoming 200th Anniversary of Battle of Waterloo, a military specialist will be bringing a selection of books relating to the battle. There will also be a map and print specialist attending.
  The exhibitors, members of the PBFA, come from Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and even one from Germany!
  The Venue is The Athenaeum, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1LU. The fair is open from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Admission £1.00. Further details at or speak to the fair manager on 01245 361609.

UK: Etc's Gerrards Cross Book Fair & 11 and Bloomsbury Book Fair 12 April
This weekend Etc Fairs has two events: the Gerrards Cross Book Fair which takes place on Saturday 11 April - a great event located in an excellent location with good facilities. The fair features a real diversity of material on offer with items for sale from a few pounds up to thousands. Great for collectors, enthusiasts or the casual reader.
  This is followed on Sunday 12 April, by the regular monthly Bloomsbury Book Fair at the Royal National Hotel, London. This month sees well over 100 dealers in books, maps, prints, ephemera and more, showing a vast array of material, the exhibitor lists for both events are available on our websites. For further information or details phone Kim: 01707 872140 or on the website

USA: New York City Book & Ephemera Fair, 11 April
The New York City Book and Ephemera Fair brings more than 50 dealers of rare and contemporary volumes, manuscripts, maps, and unusual ephemera to Wallace Hall on Saturday, 11 April. The fair takes place at Wallace Hall at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola on Park Avenue at 84th Street. Marvin Getman, President of Impact Events Group, a New England producer of specialty antiques and book fairs since 1981, stated the event is "an affordable complement to the venerable ABAA Antiquarian Book Fair at the Park Avenue Armory". More than 50 dealers will be present. The fair promises items for both seasoned collectors and new audiences. Given the range of material, it could be said the New York City Rare Book and Ephemera Fair at Wallace Hall is for music lovers, art lovers, photography collectors, educators, historians and readers. Read more

UK: PBFA's Bath Book Fair, Saturday 18 April
The PBFA Book Fair in Bath takes on a new guise this year; in place of the two day Autumn Fair, there are two one-day fairs. The first is on Saturday 18 April at The Assembly Rooms Bath - BA1 2QH. The Fair opens at 10.30am and runs through until 4.30pm. Admission is just £2 (and this gets you into Bath’s famous Assembly Rooms as well - the haunt of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens).
  More than thirty dealers will be present from all over the UK with a wide range of tempting books at all prices. Details of all dealers on the PBFA website. Further info Bath Old Books 01225 422244. The second Fair is in October.

UK: PBFA's Bakewell Book Fair, Saturday 18 April
The annual Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association book fair at Bakewell is now five years old and is growing in stature. This year the first of two fairs will be held on Saturday, 18 April, at the Agricultural Business Centre, Agricultural Way, Bakewell DE45 1AH. Entry will cost £1.00 although free tickets into the event are available and can be printed off by visiting the PBFA website.
  Being the largest book fair to be held within the Peak District National Park. There will be over twenty professional book dealers attending from various locations in the UK: Cambridgeshire, County Durham, Cumbria, Northumberland, Lancashire, Leicestershire, and of course more locally from Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. The event promises to offer the avid book collector a multitude of interesting items from antiquarian collectable books/ephemera/maps to new and used hardback/paperbacks; from popular modern fiction to some of the most obscure reference books imaginable ranging in subject matter from aardvarks to zymurgy. Besides being eager to sell books all dealers attending will be approachable and ready to answer any enquiries that visitors may wish to broach upon the subject of books and book collecting.
  This year the fair will be held on two Saturday's - the first being 18th April, and a later fair will be held on Saturday, 15th August. Admission is from 10am until 4pm and entry will cost £1.00 unless a free entry coupon/pass has been obtained/printed off from the web site. The venue, which has easy disabled access, is situated alongside the Bakewell Showground and has a large parking area with an easy short level walk into the shopping centre of Bakewell after visiting the fair. Refreshments are available from the café inside the venue.

UK: PBFA's Travel and Exploration, 19 April
The next Travel & Exploration Fair will be held on Sunday 19 April from 11.00am to 5.00pm at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR. The fair offers people the chance to see rare and beautiful books and manuscripts detailing travels to all parts of the world. John Bonham, organiser of the fair and RGS fellow, said: “The fair offers an experience that online buying simply can’t match – the buzz of being at a book fair and the chance to see and handle rare books owned by dealers, all of whom have an expert knowledge of their field. For many first time visitors it can mark the beginning of a new quest in life.”
  This year’s fair features books, photographs, maps, prints, and ephemera that celebrate several anniversaries: Centenary of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition to the Antarctic; 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, by Edward Whymper and his party; and the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.
  Twenty-five booksellers will be also offer the public a chance to buy items relating to travel and exploration in all regions of the world: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, the Poles, as well as books on military expeditions and mountaineering.
  Among items on offer are:
 - The Endurance caught in the Ice – a photographs of Shackleton’s expedition ship
    caught in the Antarctic ice by Frank Hurley;
 - South, Shackleton’s account of the Endurance expedition;
 - Scrambles Amongst the Alps, Whymper’s description of the first ascent of the
 - An album of photographs of a visit to Beijing in the 1930s;
 - Voyages – the search for La Pérouse in the Pacific, Amundsen’s navigation of the
    North West Passage.
For more information about the fair call John Bonham on 020 7402 7064, email or go to the PBFA website.

UK: PBFA's Oxford Book Fair, 25 and 26 April
The annual PBFA Oxford Book Fair is one of the largest events in the antiquarian, rare and second-hand book, map, print and ephemera calendar. In 2015 over 100 dealers will offer tens of thousands of rare and collectable items.
  Held at the Oxford Brookes University campus, it offers good national transport links via rail and road. In the past, the Oxford Book Fair has attracted the attention of national media with notable highlights, such as an archive of the First World War aviator who coined the term 'joystick'.
  The Daily Mail and Telegraph have already published previews - both are well worth viewing.
  The venue is the Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane, Oxford OX3 0BP. Admission: £2 or free via the website - opening hours are Saturday 25 April from Noon - 6.00pm, and Sunday 26 April 10.0am-4.00pm.
  For further information please contact: Tom Lintern-Mole (07921 151496, or Peter Hill (07703 533866,

UK: Buxton Book Fair, Sunday 26 April
The next Buxton Book Fair takes place at the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6BE on Sunday 26 April from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Admission Adults £1.50. Concessions £1.00. Accompanied children 12 and under Free.
  The venue is set in twenty-two beautiful acres of Parkland - there's a large pay and display car park nearby. Also, there is a cafe and large restaurant, shop and Art Gallery. Visitors can also visit the large Hot House with Plants & Fish. For more local information there is a large Tourist Information Centre & Large Shop and Art Gallery.


UK: PBFA's Children's Illustrated & Modern First Editions, 21 March
The PBFA's Children’s Illustrated & Modern First Editions, held at the Hilton London Olympia Hotel (Kensington High Street) was a great fair. Numbers through the door were vastly up on last year and the thirty-two dealers took £60,000 in just six hours of trading! The top two takes were £9,000 and £7,000 and the average was £1,700.
  Fergus Fleming of the Queen Anne Press who joined the event at the eleventh hour did very well too. He plans to attend other events in the future. His limited editions are stunning.
  It’s a fair with a great atmosphere and the majority of sales are to real collectors.


Dominic Winter
Click on image to find details of all future auctions
Next auction: 18 April The Robert Hardy Collection


Words that have fallen out of use

Here is another - can you recall a word or phrase that has fallen out of use?

'Slugabed' (noun). A lazy person who stays in bed long after the usual time for rising.


USA: The ABAA has issued the following notice
Reported MISSING from the estate of Henry Laughlin in San Francisco:
A set of Pound’s “Inquest” series, published by William Bird, at Three Mountains Press, Paris, 1924 (170 copies of each edition), including:

1. Hemingway, IN OUR TIME
2. Windeler, ELIMUS
3. Ford Madox Ford, WOMEN & MEN
* At one time, the first 5 titles were together in a custom slipcase, while #6, Williams’ GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL was kept separately. Seeing the titles in a slipcase (whether 5 or 6) may be an indication that these are the missing books in question.

Pound, HOW TO READ. TO Publishers, [1932].
Pound’s copy, with his penciled corrections. Later ownership signature of poet Ronald Duncan, to whom EP gave it. Poor condition.

If you have any information about these titles or have been recently offered these titles, please contact: ABAA Security Chair Garrett Scott, or (734) 741-8605


UK: ABA latest new members
Ian Barnes (FM) - Temple Rare Books
Edmund Brumfitt (FM) – Edmund Brumfitt Rare Books
Andrea Mazzocchi (AM) – Bernard Quaritch Ltd
Nick McBurney (AM) – G Heywood Hill
Richard Wells (FM) – Richard V Wells
Adam Yates (FM) – Grove Rare Books

Scotland: J Hewit and Son
News Bulletin No.29 (April 2015) has just been published.


UK: The Bookhunter on Safari
Readers might like to follow Laurence Worms (ABA's immediate Past President), as he writes about the trade and the dealers he visits on his safari around the UK!
  Click on image to read his latest posting.

 Bookhunter on Safari


International: Sheppard's Trade Suppliers
This new service consists of a database that allows suppliers to appear under headings that apply to their business.  It is possible that some companies / traders might appear under more than one heading.
  To create a trade entry - select trade Suppliers from the menu on Sheppard's Confidential.  Complete the contact details and add a few words to promote your business.  You can also upload a photo to appear in your entry. 
  Your business / trading name will also appear in Sheppard's Confidential - which will keep your name in front of our many readers.  This goes every week except for the Christmas break.
  The list is also accessible via the Home Page on
  The cost of the service - as it is promoting your business to collectors and dealers in 44 countries - is just £12 per year.

Fair Organisers Promotion of Exhibitors' Top Titles  

Fair organisers can now offer additional promotion of dealers' titles that they intend to bring to the event.  If a fair manager can obtain details of the top three titles from their exhibitors, paste them into the template provided and send the result by-mail to us, we will convert it to a PDF and attach it to a display panel to go out to collectors and dealers via Sheppard's Confidential.
  The main benefit is that the list will be brought to the notice of all our readers rather than sitting on a website which is passive.
  Most of our services are free but we are asking £10 for the insertion per fair - whether it is inserted into one or more more editions of Sheppard's Confidential.
  For more information, write to 

A reminder about our e-mail service
Readers who also subscribe to search our database (Sheppard's World or Find a Dealer) know that it is possible to send an e-mail to selected dealers with 'offers' or 'books wanted'.  When creating e-mails, the sender cannot see the recipient's e-mail address so if the recipient does not reply, the sender will never know their address.

Dealers - please update your entry
We ask ALL dealers registered on Sheppard's World to visit their entry at least once a year (See Para in our Conditions) to correct and make any amendments to their entry which our paying subscribers expect to be current.
  If you think your entry might be incorrect, please update it as soon as possible.

Special Announcement
To receive any immediate news notices, we issue short notes as and when appropriate via our RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service that most news organisations provide. This service is free.
To receive this service - click on image - then view the link (or place in your 'Favourites') to read the broadcasts as and when you wish.

Past editions

Past editions can be found on our website.  We show the last 16 editions - all of which are in a PDF format.  Earlier ones are available but on request.
  Please note that shortly, any past editions retained in the original HTML format by our readers for reference will find that the advertisements and images will disappear.
  We recommend that you download a PDF version for permanent retention.

Searching dealers' catalogues
We have a large number of dealers' catalogues on and these can be searched using Acrobat Reader. For anyone not used to searching these catalogues - once the file has been opened on your PC, there are two ways to search for a title. Either hold the Control key down (Ctrl) and hit `F' and enter all or part of the title, or click `Edit' then either `Find' or `Search'.
  When you find the title you seek - please contact the dealer direct - the information is usually at the start of the file.

Access to Sheppard's Confidential
Please note that you should use the same Logon ID and Password to access  There are calendars of fairs and auctions - and catalogues submitted by dealers. These are in PDF form so that you can search for titles within each catalogue.

Attention - organisers of Fairs, Auctions and Festivals
If dates for next year's events are known - do create new entries as soon as possible. Dealers and trade members who organise book fairs, auctions and festivals can create entries for the events they are organising.   Although any late changes must still be sent in by e-mail, we have made a major improvement.
  The entry form used to create entries has been changed.  For those organisers of multiple fairs where the majority of details remain the same for each month - the form now allows you to save the first entry - and use the same entry with amendments of date, or time etc. for the next entry.  This is designed to save you time in creating entries.
  To create the entry, use the same LoginID (as for Sheppard's World) and password but on the sister website - preview existing entries (in case we have it already) then select `Add New Entry'.
  All entries will be checked before they appear live on the calendar - so please allow some 48 hours for this.  If your event is already there, please e-mail any amendment to


Catalogues on Sheppard's Confidential
Catalogues sent in are uploaded to our website where they can be searched and browsed.  Placing them on one location makes it quicker for users to locate catalogues containing the subjects of books in which they are interested.  So we welcome catalogues from all members of the trade.
 For anyone not used to searching these catalogues - once the file has been opened on your PC, there are two ways to search for a title. Either hold the Control key down (Ctrl) and hit `F', or click `Edit' then either `Find' or `Search'.
We now offer the additional service of converting your files into formats that suit devices such as 'smart phones', e-readers' and 'tablets'. But to obtain the best layout, please also send in your Word or HTML file.

If you use an iPad and have had difficulty in seeing PDF files, please download iDownloader to your device first.

During 2014 our site attracted a huge number of visits from the public, collectors and dealers. In the 12 months of last year, 43,400 people visited the summary page of catalogues - that's over 3,600 a month. And over 5,540 downloads resulted of which 4,700 were PDF files. One feature of our site is that visitors can search across ALL the PDF files in one hit using a key word or expression.
  This shortens the search time and makes the site a very effective. So it is well worth your time to have your catalogues added.

Catalogues received this week include:

Gaston Renard Pty Ltd (Miscellany)

Jeffrey Stern (Literature)
Janette Ray Rare and Out of Print Books (Architecture and Design)

De Burca Rare Books (A selection of fine, rare and important books & manuscripts )

J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarians LLC (Jacob Lateiner Part V + other Private
   Collections - Robert Schumann )

To download these and all others - there are over 100 listed - go to: Catalogues

Please contact dealers direct and mention where you saw the book! Note that catalogues remain on view for approximately four to seven weeks.
  New catalogues are always welcome. If you have one, then please send it to us at:
 Note: Files please in a PDF format but we can convert Word and HTML files. If possible please add your contact details at the top of the first page, a summary of subjects and a total of items on the first page after the cover.


Letters to the Editor
[The views and opinions expressed in this letters column are not necessarily those of either the Editor or the Publisher. We welcome letters on any subject concerning the trade.]

A call for help
Dear Sir
The PBFA have been organising Book Fairs in Edinburgh for over 40 years and although exhibitor numbers have declined in recent years, we are confident that we have a strong and viable future. It therefore comes as a great shock to see that Edinburgh Council have increased the Stamp and Book Dealers Annual License from £24 to £59 for the year 2015/16. These individual fees are payable by each of our members wishing to exhibit at any of our five annual events in Edinburgh.
  As far as I know, no other city in the UK imposes these charges. In addition, we have to contend with a massively bureaucratic and costly process whereby each of our venues has to be authorised by the council following the public display of a Site Notice. We even have to submit a layout plan, a detailed Risk Assessment and confirm that the venue is compliant with electrical wiring regulations - really, a great big box ticking exercise! It's the same information each year for the same venue. And this costs money - the PBFA has to apply annually for a License which costs about £500 p.a.
  We even toyed with the idea of trying Pop-Up venues a couple of years ago - we wanted to take our events to different, new venues, to areas of high footfall, where we could reach new customers - and to our amazement found out that we would have to go through the same old rigmarole and pay an additional £300 for the privilege. That idea simply can't fly given these significant costs.
  What are Edinburgh Council trying to do? These costs, wholly attributable in our minds to fund a bureaucratic nightmare, add nothing and endanger our very survival.
  We are a proud and professional Association with a long and proven track record. We want our events to prosper and we also want to continue to be part of, and contribute to, Edinburgh's cultural capital. I urge all our members, and indeed all your readers, to make the Council aware of the very real danger these increased costs pose to our survival. [Here's the link to the Council's Complaints e-mail address - just click on the hyperlink. Ensure you head it Stamp and Book Dealers Annual License.] Are the hotels, restaurants and transport systems not in need of the indirect contribution we make to the local economy?  Andy Betchley, Chairman, PBFA Scotland & UK National Secretary.
[Also, if you do lodge a complaint, please let either Andy or the editor know. Thanks.]


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Certain Odd Anagrams
Codex Chiromantiae, Appendix A. Dactylomancy, Or Finger-Ring Magic, Ancient, Mediaeval And Modern.
Codex Chiromantiae, Being A Compleate Manualle Of Ye Science And Arte
Criminous Clerks
Down Those Mean Streets a Gentleman's Gentleman Must Go; or, What Ho Hornblower
Engraving a Diamond
Eocene Mollusca from Nigeria
Every Schoolboys Knows
Frost Fairs on the Thames
Hodges Against Chanot: Being The History Of A Celebrated Case.
Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society
Kisses Of Fate. A Study Of Mere Human Nature
Lady Macbeth. A Study.
Monkeys and Chimeras
Nature. A Weekly Journal Of Science
Old Men Remember
Our Noble Selves. A Portion of an Epic
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London
Proceedings Royal Institution of Great Britain
Prolegomena Towards The Study of The Chalk Foraminifera
Queries: Past, Present & Future
Saxton Churchm Lead Chapel & Towton Church
suggestions for the improvement of the law of copyright
The Ancestry Of The Violin
The Cheetah-Girl
The Florist and Pomologist, and Suburban Gardner
The Gods of the Fourth World
The Heart of England
The Origin and Manufacture of Playing Cards
The Real Pirates of Borneo
Very Large Numbers
William Stickney 1764-1848 of Ridgemont
With the British Association in South Africa
Ye Magic Mirrour of Old Japan
Ye Roll of Ye Set of Odd Volumes

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