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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
26 Feb 2021Gaston RenardShort List 35265Aboriginal Australia View
26 Feb 2021Sokol Books 48Recent Arrivals Under £3,000: XVI Century View
26 Feb 2021Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 34056Politics, government and world affairs View
19 Feb 2021De Búrca Rare Books 61Gilt Decorated Cloth Bindings Spring 2021 View
18 Feb 2021Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShortlist 33959Biographies and memoirs View
17 Feb 2021Gaston RenardShort List 35178Science and Natural History View
17 Feb 2021Sophia Rare BooksShort Title Catalogue 14424Rare and important books & manuscripts in science and medicine, by Christian Westergaard View
17 Feb 2021Inch's Books 2020 Books with a London interest View
11 Feb 2021Gaston RenardShort List 350103Booklets and Ephemera View
11 Feb 2021Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersE5437Pickering's Diamond Classics View
11 Feb 2021Steven Schuyler Bookseller 72Selected titles for February 2021 View
11 Feb 2021Kay Craddock - Antiquarian Bookseller241200Books about Books View
11 Feb 2021Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd 20Bush Theatre: Twenty Ambrotypes by Robert Ashton (2020) View
05 Feb 2021Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd 200New Acquisitions February 2021 View
05 Feb 2021Sokol Books 60Recent acquisitions under £3,000 XVII century View
05 Feb 2021Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 33856Architecture View
05 Feb 2021Lesley Aitchison141225Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc. View
03 Feb 2021Gaston Renard34964Sailing & Navigation View
03 Feb 2021De Búrca Rare Books144371A selection of treasures relating principally to Ireland View
03 Feb 2021Grosvenor Prints105211Americana, Satire, Sporting, Australiana, Natural History, engravings, etchings, mezzotints, aquatints, lithographs View
28 Jan 2021The Wayfarer's Bookshop 49Travel & Exploration View
28 Jan 2021Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShortlist 33755Australiana View
28 Jan 2021Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdJanuary 2021 Australian Art View
25 Jan 2021Porcupine Books 439Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
22 Jan 2021Antique Print & Maps 20British town & city plans by George Bacon (1883-1885) View
22 Jan 2021Sokol Books 60Recent arrivals under £3,000 View
22 Jan 2021Asia Bookroom196photographs, photo books, Hong Kong Photographic Society,1950s, 1960s, Chinese photographers, Francis Wu, Daisy Wu, Hong Kong View
21 Jan 2021Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 33656Armchair Travel View
20 Jan 2021Gaston RenardShort List 34870Captain James Cook View
20 Jan 2021J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarians 20New Acquisitions January 2021 View
20 Jan 2021John Turtonshortlist 3030Miscellaneous View
18 Jan 2021Arthur Hook2021/144Changing London 1837-1901 Maps and plans of Victorian London that capture the growth and development of the capital. Some recent acquistions and selections from my latest catalogues View
15 Jan 2021Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersE53 Sale January 202160  View
15 Jan 2021Altea GalleryJanuary 202120Antiquarian maps View
15 Jan 2021At the Sign of the PipeIX124Pipe organs, organ builders, organ history, organ brochures View
14 Jan 2021Gaston RenardShort List 34798A New Year Miscellany View
14 Jan 2021Steven Schuyler BooksellerJanuary 202185Selected titles for January 2021 View
07 Jan 2021Meridian Rare BooksCatalogue 24: Travel & Exploration100Travel, Exploration, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Pacific, Australia, Polar, Arctic, Antarctic, mountaineering, Everest, Mont Blanc, Alps, Himalayas, Amundsen, Nansen, Henry M. Stanley, ephemera, maps, photographs, diaries, manuscripts View
05 Jan 2021Asia Bookroom1816Japan, Sugoroku, Games, Board games, Antique, Antiquarian, Japanese games, prints, rare, art, Japanese art, wood-block prints View
18 Dec 2020Bibliophile Books388 Art & Architecture Biography/Autobiography Business & Computers Children's Collectables/Antiques Collections Colouring for Adults Crime Crime Fiction Christmas Books Early Learning for Children Entertainment/Showbiz Erotica Feminism Fiction & Romance First Editions Food & Drink/Cookery Gardening Great Britain, Maps & the Environment Handicrafts/Craft Health & Beauty Historical Biography Historical Fiction History Hobbies Home Entertainment/ CDs, DVDs How To Humour Last Chance to buy! Literature & Classics Lucky Dip Clearance Miscellany/Stationery Modern Fiction Modern History/Current Affairs Music & Dance Mythology Nature/Countryside New Age & Occult New Arrivals Pets Psychology & Sociology Religion & Philosophy Romance and Romantic Fiction Science & Maths Science Fiction/Fantasy Scottish Books Signed by the Author Sport Taschen books Transport Travel & Places War & Militaria War Memoirs Word Books and Dictionaries Wordsworth Editions Audio - Books on CD Best Of British Bibliophile publications and eBooks Bibliophile Branded Books About Books View
17 Dec 2020Robert Frew Ltd 162Greece & The Levant View
17 Dec 2020Sophia Rare BooksShort-title catalogue 89 - December 202039Rare and important books & manuscripts in science and medicine, by Christian Westergaard View
17 Dec 2020De Búrca Rare BooksJack B. Yeats Collection Christmas 202069Jack B. Yeats View
17 Dec 2020Harrison Hiett Rare BooksChristmas 202082  View
17 Dec 2020Gaston RenardShort List 334100An Australian Selection View
17 Dec 2020Altea GalleryDecember 202021A Preview of Our Latest Listing View
11 Dec 2020Steven Schuyler BooksellerDecember 202072Selected Titles for December 2020 View
11 Dec 2020St Philip's BooksCatalogue 94980Christmas 2020 View
11 Dec 2020Antique Print & Maps 20Vintage British tourist maps by Ward Lock: seaside resorts, national parks & city plans View
11 Dec 2020Gerald Baker 40Recent Acquisitions - a miscellany of books in a number of categories, including transport, railways, topography, classic literature and fine bindings View
11 Dec 2020Grosvenor PrintsCatalogue 100 Part 2242  View
11 Dec 2020Voyager Press Rare Books & ManuscriptsNov 202024Manuscripts, Journals and Historical Documents relating to China, Russia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East View
04 Dec 2020Grosvenor PrintsCatalogue 100243  View
04 Dec 2020Gaston RenardShort List No. 345 - 2020.71Dictionaries & Reference Works View
27 Nov 2020Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersE List 5225Recent Acquisitions View
22 Nov 2020Glacier BooksDecember 2020 Polar View
19 Nov 2020Gaston RenardShort List 34483A Miscellany View
17 Nov 2020Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersE5129Early printed Greek & Latin classics View
17 Nov 2020Stokes Books43823Books relating to Ireland View
13 Nov 2020Sophia Rare Books5542new short-title catalogue containing 42 recent arrivals including: William Jones' large-paper copy of the Principia, an eleven-page Darwin manuscript detailing his garden laboratory at Down House, Galilei's Letter to Christina, Lind's treatise on scurvy, a presentation copy of Snow's first work on the mode of communication of cholera, etc. View
13 Nov 2020Altea Gallery 19A Preview of Our Latest Listing View
12 Nov 2020Gaston RenardShort List No. 34338Epidemics and Viruses View
30 Oct 2020Lesley Aitchison140280Manuscripts, Maps, Ephemera View
30 Oct 2020Steven Schuyler Bookseller  Selected titles for October 2020 View
26 Oct 2020Porcupine Books91483Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
23 Oct 2020Sokol Books7780books - and a set of globe gores - ranging from fine bindings and illustrated works to incunables and manuscripts. View
23 Oct 2020Sanders of OxfordDanse Macabre As the days shorten and the nights grow long, we are fast approaching Samhain and Halloween. This liminal time of year half way between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, is often considered a time when the boundary between this world and the next can be crossed. It is at this time of the year that we get to present some of our favourite stock. View
23 Oct 2020Kingsbridge Books 262Polar books View
05 Jun 2020Asia Bookroom 61Japan, Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Sugoroku, Asia, Antique, Rare, Ephemera, Maps, Books, Boxer Rebellion, Posters View
13 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCookery General 2020 - OUR SPECIALITY! Ackerman, Acton, Ainsworth, Aitkens, Alexander - Stephanie, Allen - Brigid, Allen - Darina, Allison - Sonia, Aresty - Esther , Aris - Pepita , Ayrton - Elisabeth, Ballymaloe , Bareham - Lindsey, Barry - Michael, Bateman - Michael , Beaty-Pownall - S, Beer - Maggie, Beeton - Isabella Mary, Bell - Annie, Berry - Mary, Bertholle - Louisette, Bissell - Frances, Blanc - Raymond, Blohm - Hannelore , Boxer - Arabella, Bradley - Martha, Burke - Helen, Carrier - Robert, Cass - Elizabeth, Chapman, Chef, Child - Julia, Claiborne - Craig, Conil - Jean, Conran Terence. , Cook, Cottington Taylor - D. D, Courtine - Robert-Jean, Cox, Cradock - Johnnie and Fanny, Craig - Elizabeth, Crocker - Betty, Croft - Susan, Curragh - Katherine, David - Elizabeth, Davidson - Alan, De Salis - Mrs Harriet A, Delia, de'Medici - Lorenza, Dimbleby - Josceline, Dods - Mistress Margaret. , Douglas - Tom , Dubois - Urbain, Duff, Dumas - Alexander, Edelmann - Anton, Elizabeth David, Ellis - Audrey, Escoffier - Auguste. , Farmer - Fannie , Fearnley-Whittingstall - Hugh , Ferguson - Clare, Fitzgibbon - Theodora, Floyd - Keith, Francatelli - Charles Elmé, Froud - Nina, Galford - Ellen , Gayler - Paul, Glasse - Mrs Hannah. , Good Housekeeping , Good Living Magazine, Gouffé - Jules, Green - Henrietta, Grigson, Grossman - Loyd. , Harben - Philip, Harris - Valentina, Hay - Donna, Hazan, Heath - Ambrose, Heaton - Nell, Hill, Holt - Geraldene, Hom - Ken, Hopkinson - Simon, Housekeeper, Hsiung, Huang, Hurst - Bernice, Hutchins - Sheila, Jaffrey - Madhur, James Martin, Jekyll - Gertrude , Jewry - Mary, Jones - Bridget, Keith Floyd, Kerr - Graham, Lawrence - Sue, Lawson - Nigella, Leith - Prue, Levy - Paul, Leyel - Mrs. C. F, Lousada - Patricia , Luard - Elisabeth, Lucas - Elizabeth, Mabey - David, MacAusland - Earle R, Macdonald - Baroness Claire , Maclean - Lady Veronica, MacMillan - Norma , Maher - Barbara, Marshall - Agnes Bertha, McCartney - Linda, Moine - Marie-Pierre. , Morphy - Countess Marcelle, Mosimann - Anton, Murchison - Alan, Nairn - Nick, Nilson - Bee, Norman - Jill, Norwak - Mary. , Novelli - Jean-Christoph , Olney - Richard , Ortiz - Elisabeth , Paterson - Jennifer, Patten - Marguerite, Payne - Arthur Gay, Peel - Constance S. , Pellaprat - Henri-Paul, Pettigrew - Jane, Pillsbury - Ann, Pomiane - Edouard de, Ramsay - Gordon , Rankin - Paul , Rhodes - Gary, Richardson - Rosamond, Roden - Claudia, Rohde - Eleanour Sinclair, Roots - Levi, Roundell - Mrs. Charles ( Julia). , Roux - Albert and Michel, Rundell - Maria Eliza.. , Saulnier - Louis, Senn - Charles Herman, Shulman - Martha Rose, Simon - André L.. , Skinner - Zena, Slater - Mary, Slater - Nigel, Smart - Elizabeth , Smith - Delia, Smith - Henry, Solomon - Charmaine, Soyer - Alexis, Spencer - Colin, Spry - Constance , Stanley-Wrench - Mollie, Stein - Rick, Stevenson - Sonia, Stewart, Syrett - Iris, Tannahill - Reay, Tante Marie, Tenison - Marika Hanbury, Thompson - Antony Worrall, Tilleray - Brigitte, Torode - John, Tovey - John, Trotter - Charlie, Ude - Louis Eustache, Verge - Roger, Vickery - Phil, Vincenzini - Beatrice , Wadey - Rosemary, Walden - Hilaire, Warne's, Webber - Kathie, White - Marco Pierre, Willan - Anne. , Williams - Chuck , Wolfert - Paula, Wright - Clarissa Dickson , Zilli - Aldo, View
11 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCinema 2020251930's Annuals, 84 Charing Cross Road, Alice in Wonderland, Bogarde - Dirk, Casablanca, Chaplin - Charlie, Cinema, Dance, Direct, Edit, Film, Garbo - Greta, Glitter, Grant - Cary, Hanff - Helene, Killing Fields, Last Action Hero, Motion, Musicals, Mystery, Penguin, Picture Show Annual, Produce, Roger Rabbit, Screen World Annual, Shiffer - Claudia, Short, Sing, Star Wars, Stories, Storybook, Titanic, Write, View
10 Mar 2020Books & BygonesChildren's 2020629101 Dalmatians, Adventure, Aesop, Aircraft, Alcott - Lousia, Alice in Wonderland, Alphabet, Alzheimer's , Anderson - Hans, Animal, Annuals, Archer - Jeffrey, Asterix, Awdry - Reverend W, Ayres - Pam, B.B. Watkins-Pitchford, Babar, Babies, Badger, Ballads, Ballantyne - R. M, Barbarrossa, Barker - Cicely Mary, Barrie - J. M., Beano, Bear, Beauty and the Beast, Beecher Stowe, Beezer, Bindles, Bird, Black Beauty, Blinky Bill, Blots & Titters, Blyton - Enid, Bookano, Bo-Peep, Borrowers, Boy, Bramble Bear, Brent-Dyer - Elinor, Brock, Brownie, Bumper, Bunter, Burnett - Frances Hodgson , Burroughs - Edgar Rice, Butterfly, Cakes, Carroll - Lewis, Cats, Chalet Girls, Champion, Chatterbox, Chicks, Child, Christmas, Cinderella, Cinema, Classic, Cook, Counting, Cowboy, Creed, Crompton - Richmal, Cunliffe - John, Curly Wee, Dahl -Roald, Daily Mirror, Dandy, Daniels - Lucy, Defoe - Daniel, Disney, Dogs, Doll, Donkey, Doyle - Sir Arthur Conan, Dr. Who, Dragons, Durrell - Gerald, Dwarfland, Eagle, Elephant, Engine, Eskimo, Everest, Everyman, Explorer, Fables, Fairbanks - Douglas, Fairy Tales, Farm, Felix, Fix-It, Flag, Flower Fairies, Game, Gene Autrey, Geographical, Gift, Gimlet, Girls, Goatherd, Goose, Goosebumps, Grahame - Kenneth, Grand-chilldren, Greek Fable, Greenaway - Kate, Greyfriars' Bobby, Hampster, Hansel & Gretel, Hauting, Hen, Henty - G.A., Hissey - Jane, History, Hope - Laura Lee, Hotspur, Illiad, Indian, Inspector Gadget, Internet Detectives, Islanders, Jackanapes, Janet and John, Jesus, Johns - W.E. Capt, Jungle, Just So, Kate, King Arthur, Kingsley - Charles, Kipling - Rudyard, Kitchen, Kittens, Klipper-Klopper , Ladybird, Lamb - Charles & Mary, Lear - Edward, Lewis - C.S., Lion King, Little Lass, Magic, McCulloch - Derek , Mickey Mouse, Milne - A.A., Mouse, Multicoloured Swap Shop , Mummy, Napoleon, Naughty, Oor Wullie, Owl, Pantomime, Party, Peter Pan, Piglet, Pilgrim, Pinocchio, Playday, Playhour, Pop-up, Postman Pat, Potter - Beatrix, Princess, Puffin, Pullman - Philip, Puppets, Puss, Quizzer, Race, Rackham - Arthur, Rainbow , Read, Rhymes, Riverbank, Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, Roger Rabbit, Rumplestiltskin, Rupert, Sakespeare, School, Scout, Seuss - Dr, Shaker, Shetland Pony, Ship, Shiver and Shake, Siberean, Sir Walter Raleigh, Skeleton, Sleeping Beauty, Smugglers, Snow White, Soldier, Spider-man, Spies, Sport, Swiss Family Robinson, Tales, Tarzan, Teddy Bears, Television, Tenderfoot, Thakeray - William Makepeace, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thrums, Tiger, Time, Toad, Toby Twirl, Tolkien, Tom Brown, Tom Merry, Tots, Toys that move, Train, TV, Uncle Mac of the B.B.C., Uncle Tom's Cabin, Unlucky, Uttley - Alison, Verse, Wachmovia, Wagon Train, Wally, Water, Watson - Carol and Higham - David, Wee Willie Winkie, Westerman - Percy, Where & How, Whoopee, Wigwams, Wilderness, William, Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, Witch, Wombat, Writing, Yates - Paula, Zoo, View
09 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCanals & Waterways12Bridges, Britain,Canals, Cruising, Directory, Harbour, Inland, Introduction, Midlands, Mississippi, National Trust, Northern Ireland, Rivers, Southern, Sydney, Waterways, Wey, View
09 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCartoon 202017Beano, Bird - "Dickie", Boink, Calvin and Hobbes, Cricket, Curly Wee, Dandy, Davis - Jim, Far Side, Fougasse, Fred Bassett, Gambols, Garfield, Horses, Inspector Gadget, Larson - Gary, Peanuts, Schulz, Snoopy, Thelwell, Viz, Waterson - Bill. View
03 Mar 2020Books & BygonesBoats & Boating 202023Anchorages, Associations, Atlantic Crossing, Beginners, Boating, Channel, Clippers, Coastline, Cruiser, Cruising, Dinghy, Fishing, Global Challenge, Guinness, Gypsy Moth, Handbook, Harbourage, Land's End, Lightweight, Manual, National,Navigating, Paddle Steamers, Ports, Sailing, Silk Cut Almanacs, Sinbad, Tall Ships, Unsinkable, Windjammers, Wrecks, Yachting, Yachtman, View
03 Mar 2020Books & BygonesBusiness 202085Accounts, Advertisements, Algorithm, Bank of Nova Scotia, Better Job, Better Manager, Capitalismo, Career Development, Christmas, Ciba Foundation, City, Civil Engineering, Coaching, Communication, Conference & Meetings, Corah of Leicester, Desktop, Developing Countries, Digital Business, Dilbert Principle, Economy, Foyles, Gas Works History, George Davies retail revolution,Grocers, Handbooks, High Performance, History of Shopping, Industrial, IndustryInky Way, Internet, Japan, Java, Jewish Ethics, Lloyds, Machine Age, Metal Forming, Microeconomics, Microprocessors, Miners, Money, Motivation, Newspaper, Oil, Organizational Behaviour, Paper, Phaidon, Photoshop 4, Pocketbook, Power Timing, Press, Prodigy, Production, Profitable, Rio Tinto-Zinc Corporation, Sarmcol, Selling, Spectrum, Stock-broking, Stockport Development, Strategies for Marketing, Success in Selling, Sugarcane, Takeover Bid, Technical, Trade Credit, Trade, Unilever, War, Wave Principle, Whittards. View
03 Mar 2020Books & BygonesBirds 202024Atlas, Bill Oddie,Britain & Ireland, Cages, Cockatiels, Cockatoos,Common, Common, Enemies, Frances Pitt,Identify, I llustrations,Keeping, Macaws, Malaya, Map, MuteSwan, New Zealand, Owls, Parrots, Pheasants, Plover, Red Kite, South Africa, Spratt, Watching, Wild Guide, Young Naturalist Series View
28 Feb 2020Books & BygonesBiography 2020200Ada Leverson, Alastair Campbell, Albert Augustus Toogood, Alec Guinness, Alice B. Toklas, Alistair Cook, Anton Chekhov, Antony Worrall Thompson, Arietty, Armand Denis, Asimov, Auden, Barbara Skelton, Beeton, Benny Hill, Binder Kent, Blindness, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Brando, Brian Johnston, Bronte, Byron, Cadbury, Captain Scott, Cary Grant, Casanova, Catherine The Great, Charles Dickens, Charles Lamb, Churchill, Clapton, Claudia Schiffer, Cliff Richards (signed), D H Lawrence, Dame Judith Anderson, Daphne Du Maurier, David Bathurst, David Bell, David Garrick, Denholm Elliott, Dickie Bird, Dirk Bogarde, Dodie Smith, Donald Sinden, Doris Lessing, Dostoevskaia, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr, Duke of Wellington, Duke of Windsor, Edward Lear, Elisabeth David, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Elton John, Elvis, Eric Blom, Eric Clapton, Eustace Budgell, Eve Curie, Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay), Fergie, Francis Bacon, Francis Drake, Frankie Howard, Fred Bason, Gandhi, Gary Cooper, George Eliot, Geri Halliwell, Gert Bastian, Gertrude Stein, Gielgud, Greigs, Groucho Marx, Gypsy Rose Lee, Handel, Harold Hobson, Jack Charlton, Jack Nicholson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, James Baldwin, James Campbell, James Dean, Jane Austen, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Cage, John Evelyn, John Gordon, John Milton, John Stanislaus Joyce, John Stirling, Jose Ferrer, Josiah Wedgwood, Judith Magyar Isaacson, Jung Chang, Keith Floyd, Kenneth Allsop, Kevin Keegan, King Boris III of Bulgaria, Kitchener, Lady Ann Blunt, Lee Harvey Oswald, Lenin, Lenny Bruce, Lewis Carroll, Lord David Cecil, Lord Home, Madame de Staël, Magnus Magnusson, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Marquess of Bath, Menachem Begin, Mosimann, Muhammad Ali, Napoleon, Noel Coward, Oliver Cromwell, Paul Monette, Phenomenon, Philip M Kaiser, Queen Victoria, Robert Beatty, Robert Graves, Roberto d' Aubuisson, Ronald Biggs, Rothschilds, Schwartzenegger, Shelley, Sherborne, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Richard Steele, Sir Robin Day, Sir Roger de Coverly, Sir Walter Scott, Spencer Tracy, Spike Milligan, Stephen King, Sven Berlin, Thecla (Teresa) Merlo, Thomas Beecham, Tony Blair, Victoria Wood, Viscount Tonypandy, William Makepeace Thackeray, William Morris, Wordsworth View
27 Feb 2020Books & BygonesBeekeeping 202050Approach to, Bee, Beginners, Bread, Cottage Economy, Death of a Beekeeper, Discovery, Gleanings in Bee Culture Vols 1945-1949, Guide, Hive, Honey,Health, Herbal, Introduction, Joy of, Keeping of, Insect Life, Lovers of Bees,Mankind, Modern, Mystery, North African, Novice, Philosophy, Practice, Recipes, Root E.R., Taste, View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View

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