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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
29 May 2020De Búrca Rare Books  A collection of rare and hard to find Documents, Photographs & Ephemera items relating to The Irish Republic View
29 May 2020The Wayfarer's Bookshop 19Middle East & Islamic World in Early Photographs View
29 May 2020Altea GalleryLatest Listings75Antique Maps of all parts of the World, Sea Charts, Atlases and Old Globes View
29 May 2020Sokol Books 62Travel list Part 3 View
29 May 2020Gaston RenardShort List 33280A TU List Miscellany View
26 May 2020Asia Bookroom1532China, cultural revolution, posters, ephemera, red guards, periodicals, records View
22 May 2020Meridian Rare BooksScience (physics, astronomy, mainly 19th & 20th c.)52Einstein, Faraday, Newton, Earl of Rosse, Dewar, Coriolis, astronomy, physics, science, Darwin, British Association for the Advancement of Science, biology, Norbert Wiener, offprints, Oliver Lodge, Eddington, J. J. Thomson, chemistry View
21 May 2020Court Two Books 28A selection for May 2020 View
21 May 2020Gaston RenardShort List 33173Books about Books, Printing and Paper View
21 May 2020Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd  Australian Art View
21 May 2020Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 30857General Australiana View
15 May 2020Antiqua Print Gallery  Maps of Asia View
15 May 2020Sophia Rare BooksRecent Arrivals Curie, Kepler, Galileio, Gesner, Wallis, Wilkins, Wigner, Archimedes View
15 May 2020Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 30759Australian children's books View
15 May 2020Gaston Renard33085A 19th Century Miscellany View
13 May 2020J & J LUBRANO MUSIC ANTIQUARIANS LLC88113Beethoven, First & Early Editions of Music, Beethoven Iconography, Ephemera & Literature View
08 May 2020De Búrca Rare Books  Fine & Decorative Bindings View
07 May 2020Steven Schuyler Bookseller  Selected Titles for May 2020 View
07 May 2020Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd  New acquisitions for May 2020 View
07 May 2020Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerCatalogue 239244Regimental Histories of the British Army from the library of The Hon David Levine AO RFD QC View
07 May 2020Gaston RenardShort List 32986Maritime Histories View
07 May 2020Robert Frew Ltd 45Food and Drink View
07 May 2020Antiqua Print Gallery 105Fine 18th century views of British towns & cities (Burlington, 1779) View
04 May 2020Quair BooksShort List 120Modern firsts, Cookery, Twentieth Century, Poetry, Drama, Occult View
01 May 2020De Búrca Rare Books  New to De Búrca Rare Books View
01 May 2020Gaston RenardShort List No.32899An S-List View
01 May 2020Sokol BooksTravel List No.240Second part of our new travel list. It encompasses the whole of the then-known world but with particular emphasis outside Europe. It also includes some interesting maps and illustrations. View
01 May 2020Sanders of Oxford 25Oxford Oddities View
29 Apr 2020Meridian Rare BooksCharles Darwin and Contemporary Natural Historians50Charles Darwin, George Romanes, August Weismann, Herbert Spencer, Leonard Jenyns, Joseph Dalton Hooker, Richard Owen, Alfred Russel Wallace, Francis Darwin, Francis Galton, Thomas Huxley, Darwinism, evolution, science, biology, zoology, natural history, View
27 Apr 2020Porcupine Books89480Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
25 Apr 2020Bookworm & Silverfish11116Civil War, Appalachia, Genealogy, Virgina, West Virginia, Music, Military, Autograph View
23 Apr 2020De Burca Rare Books142 A selection of fine, rare and important books and manuscripts View
23 Apr 2020Harrison Hiett Rare Books16 Lockdown Special Art & Illustration View
23 Apr 2020Gaston Renard32787A Travel Miscellany View
22 Apr 2020Grosvenor Prints99337Prints,maps,books,satire,aquatints,mezzotints,engravinga, etchings,portraits View
17 Apr 2020Antiquariat Dieter Stecher462Rare books in English, French, German, Italian, and Latin. View
17 Apr 2020Carmichael Alonso Libros77170Afrohispanic, Afroportuguese and Negrista Literature. Afrohispanic Culture View
17 Apr 2020Gaston RenardShort List 32683Sets- Miscellany View
17 Apr 2020Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd  Gold Fever! View
17 Apr 2020Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 30659Leaders- for better or worse View
17 Apr 2020Arthur Hook Books & Maps  USAAF Maps of Asia & the Pacific 1942-44 View
15 Apr 2020Meridian Rare BooksPlaybill, Panoramas, Posters and Programmes66Theatre playbills, Handbills, posters, lecture programmes, cinema programs, ephemera, Travel, Explorations, mountaineering, Himalayas, Lord Byron, literature, Walter Scott, Robinson Crusoe, Napoleon, navy, Nellie Melba, opera, expeditions View
14 Apr 2020Picture This GalleryApril 2020130China Hong Kong Chinese Cookery Asia View
10 Apr 2020Steven Schuyler BooksellerSelected Titles for April 202028New Arrivals Architecture and History Pattern Books Construction Methods & Materials Trade Catalogs Brick and Stone View
10 Apr 2020St Philip's BooksCat 92 Spring 20202843Church History: 1500-1800 (Library of J. Scarisbrick) View
10 Apr 2020Gaston RenardShort List 32576Australian Art View
02 Apr 2020Sokol BooksRecent Arrivals under £3,000   View
02 Apr 2020Gaston RenardShort List No.324 - 202086  View
02 Apr 2020Sanders of OxfordSpring 2020 Recent Acquisitions   View
02 Apr 2020Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdNew Acquisitions April 2020200rare books, art books, photographs, and original artworks View
02 Apr 2020The Wayfarer's Bookshop 22Africa in Early Photographs: Twenty-two Unique Photo Albums and Collections View
30 Mar 2020Paul Brown Books1107Books on Glass View
30 Mar 2020Paul Brown Books2108Photography View
27 Mar 2020Gaston Renard32398Miscellany View
27 Mar 2020Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersE4825Recent Acquisitions View
24 Mar 2020Paul Foster Books2020198Literature, Fine bindings, Childrens and Illustrated books, Winston Churchill, Modern first editions, Antiquarian, Miscellanea View
23 Mar 2020Steven Temple Books (ABAC / ILAB) 104William Blake View
21 Mar 2020Steven Temple Books (ABAC / ILAB) 85Bloomsbury and Virginia Woolf View
20 Mar 2020Sophia Rare Books 7New Arrivals View
20 Mar 2020Gaston Renard32282Natural History View
20 Mar 2020Colwyn Books  Theology and Religion View
13 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCookery General 2020 - OUR SPECIALITY! Ackerman, Acton, Ainsworth, Aitkens, Alexander - Stephanie, Allen - Brigid, Allen - Darina, Allison - Sonia, Aresty - Esther , Aris - Pepita , Ayrton - Elisabeth, Ballymaloe , Bareham - Lindsey, Barry - Michael, Bateman - Michael , Beaty-Pownall - S, Beer - Maggie, Beeton - Isabella Mary, Bell - Annie, Berry - Mary, Bertholle - Louisette, Bissell - Frances, Blanc - Raymond, Blohm - Hannelore , Boxer - Arabella, Bradley - Martha, Burke - Helen, Carrier - Robert, Cass - Elizabeth, Chapman, Chef, Child - Julia, Claiborne - Craig, Conil - Jean, Conran Terence. , Cook, Cottington Taylor - D. D, Courtine - Robert-Jean, Cox, Cradock - Johnnie and Fanny, Craig - Elizabeth, Crocker - Betty, Croft - Susan, Curragh - Katherine, David - Elizabeth, Davidson - Alan, De Salis - Mrs Harriet A, Delia, de'Medici - Lorenza, Dimbleby - Josceline, Dods - Mistress Margaret. , Douglas - Tom , Dubois - Urbain, Duff, Dumas - Alexander, Edelmann - Anton, Elizabeth David, Ellis - Audrey, Escoffier - Auguste. , Farmer - Fannie , Fearnley-Whittingstall - Hugh , Ferguson - Clare, Fitzgibbon - Theodora, Floyd - Keith, Francatelli - Charles Elmé, Froud - Nina, Galford - Ellen , Gayler - Paul, Glasse - Mrs Hannah. , Good Housekeeping , Good Living Magazine, Gouffé - Jules, Green - Henrietta, Grigson, Grossman - Loyd. , Harben - Philip, Harris - Valentina, Hay - Donna, Hazan, Heath - Ambrose, Heaton - Nell, Hill, Holt - Geraldene, Hom - Ken, Hopkinson - Simon, Housekeeper, Hsiung, Huang, Hurst - Bernice, Hutchins - Sheila, Jaffrey - Madhur, James Martin, Jekyll - Gertrude , Jewry - Mary, Jones - Bridget, Keith Floyd, Kerr - Graham, Lawrence - Sue, Lawson - Nigella, Leith - Prue, Levy - Paul, Leyel - Mrs. C. F, Lousada - Patricia , Luard - Elisabeth, Lucas - Elizabeth, Mabey - David, MacAusland - Earle R, Macdonald - Baroness Claire , Maclean - Lady Veronica, MacMillan - Norma , Maher - Barbara, Marshall - Agnes Bertha, McCartney - Linda, Moine - Marie-Pierre. , Morphy - Countess Marcelle, Mosimann - Anton, Murchison - Alan, Nairn - Nick, Nilson - Bee, Norman - Jill, Norwak - Mary. , Novelli - Jean-Christoph , Olney - Richard , Ortiz - Elisabeth , Paterson - Jennifer, Patten - Marguerite, Payne - Arthur Gay, Peel - Constance S. , Pellaprat - Henri-Paul, Pettigrew - Jane, Pillsbury - Ann, Pomiane - Edouard de, Ramsay - Gordon , Rankin - Paul , Rhodes - Gary, Richardson - Rosamond, Roden - Claudia, Rohde - Eleanour Sinclair, Roots - Levi, Roundell - Mrs. Charles ( Julia). , Roux - Albert and Michel, Rundell - Maria Eliza.. , Saulnier - Louis, Senn - Charles Herman, Shulman - Martha Rose, Simon - André L.. , Skinner - Zena, Slater - Mary, Slater - Nigel, Smart - Elizabeth , Smith - Delia, Smith - Henry, Solomon - Charmaine, Soyer - Alexis, Spencer - Colin, Spry - Constance , Stanley-Wrench - Mollie, Stein - Rick, Stevenson - Sonia, Stewart, Syrett - Iris, Tannahill - Reay, Tante Marie, Tenison - Marika Hanbury, Thompson - Antony Worrall, Tilleray - Brigitte, Torode - John, Tovey - John, Trotter - Charlie, Ude - Louis Eustache, Verge - Roger, Vickery - Phil, Vincenzini - Beatrice , Wadey - Rosemary, Walden - Hilaire, Warne's, Webber - Kathie, White - Marco Pierre, Willan - Anne. , Williams - Chuck , Wolfert - Paula, Wright - Clarissa Dickson , Zilli - Aldo, View
12 Mar 2020Paul Orssich90296America Latina Parte 1 View
12 Mar 2020AntiquariatList 3/202064List of rare books in English, French, German, Italian, and Swedish View
12 Mar 2020Gaston RenardShort List 321 Bibliography & Reference View
12 Mar 2020Lesley Aitchison138 Manuscripts, Maps, Ephemera, etc View
12 Mar 2020Steven Schuyler BooksellerSelected Titles for March 2020 Selected Titles for March 2020 View
12 Mar 2020The Wayfarer's Bookshop 20Western Americana Early Manuscripts View
11 Mar 2020J & J LUBRANO MUSIC ANTIQUARIANS LLC86283Hungarian music, Franz Liszt, Franz Lehár, operetta, nationalism, Magyar, autograph, manuscript, sheet music, score View
11 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCinema 2020251930's Annuals, 84 Charing Cross Road, Alice in Wonderland, Bogarde - Dirk, Casablanca, Chaplin - Charlie, Cinema, Dance, Direct, Edit, Film, Garbo - Greta, Glitter, Grant - Cary, Hanff - Helene, Killing Fields, Last Action Hero, Motion, Musicals, Mystery, Penguin, Picture Show Annual, Produce, Roger Rabbit, Screen World Annual, Shiffer - Claudia, Short, Sing, Star Wars, Stories, Storybook, Titanic, Write, View
11 Mar 2020Grosvenor Prints98147Antiquarian prints, satire, mezzotints, Dublin views View
10 Mar 2020Books & BygonesChildren's 2020629101 Dalmatians, Adventure, Aesop, Aircraft, Alcott - Lousia, Alice in Wonderland, Alphabet, Alzheimer's , Anderson - Hans, Animal, Annuals, Archer - Jeffrey, Asterix, Awdry - Reverend W, Ayres - Pam, B.B. Watkins-Pitchford, Babar, Babies, Badger, Ballads, Ballantyne - R. M, Barbarrossa, Barker - Cicely Mary, Barrie - J. M., Beano, Bear, Beauty and the Beast, Beecher Stowe, Beezer, Bindles, Bird, Black Beauty, Blinky Bill, Blots & Titters, Blyton - Enid, Bookano, Bo-Peep, Borrowers, Boy, Bramble Bear, Brent-Dyer - Elinor, Brock, Brownie, Bumper, Bunter, Burnett - Frances Hodgson , Burroughs - Edgar Rice, Butterfly, Cakes, Carroll - Lewis, Cats, Chalet Girls, Champion, Chatterbox, Chicks, Child, Christmas, Cinderella, Cinema, Classic, Cook, Counting, Cowboy, Creed, Crompton - Richmal, Cunliffe - John, Curly Wee, Dahl -Roald, Daily Mirror, Dandy, Daniels - Lucy, Defoe - Daniel, Disney, Dogs, Doll, Donkey, Doyle - Sir Arthur Conan, Dr. Who, Dragons, Durrell - Gerald, Dwarfland, Eagle, Elephant, Engine, Eskimo, Everest, Everyman, Explorer, Fables, Fairbanks - Douglas, Fairy Tales, Farm, Felix, Fix-It, Flag, Flower Fairies, Game, Gene Autrey, Geographical, Gift, Gimlet, Girls, Goatherd, Goose, Goosebumps, Grahame - Kenneth, Grand-chilldren, Greek Fable, Greenaway - Kate, Greyfriars' Bobby, Hampster, Hansel & Gretel, Hauting, Hen, Henty - G.A., Hissey - Jane, History, Hope - Laura Lee, Hotspur, Illiad, Indian, Inspector Gadget, Internet Detectives, Islanders, Jackanapes, Janet and John, Jesus, Johns - W.E. Capt, Jungle, Just So, Kate, King Arthur, Kingsley - Charles, Kipling - Rudyard, Kitchen, Kittens, Klipper-Klopper , Ladybird, Lamb - Charles & Mary, Lear - Edward, Lewis - C.S., Lion King, Little Lass, Magic, McCulloch - Derek , Mickey Mouse, Milne - A.A., Mouse, Multicoloured Swap Shop , Mummy, Napoleon, Naughty, Oor Wullie, Owl, Pantomime, Party, Peter Pan, Piglet, Pilgrim, Pinocchio, Playday, Playhour, Pop-up, Postman Pat, Potter - Beatrix, Princess, Puffin, Pullman - Philip, Puppets, Puss, Quizzer, Race, Rackham - Arthur, Rainbow , Read, Rhymes, Riverbank, Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, Roger Rabbit, Rumplestiltskin, Rupert, Sakespeare, School, Scout, Seuss - Dr, Shaker, Shetland Pony, Ship, Shiver and Shake, Siberean, Sir Walter Raleigh, Skeleton, Sleeping Beauty, Smugglers, Snow White, Soldier, Spider-man, Spies, Sport, Swiss Family Robinson, Tales, Tarzan, Teddy Bears, Television, Tenderfoot, Thakeray - William Makepeace, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thrums, Tiger, Time, Toad, Toby Twirl, Tolkien, Tom Brown, Tom Merry, Tots, Toys that move, Train, TV, Uncle Mac of the B.B.C., Uncle Tom's Cabin, Unlucky, Uttley - Alison, Verse, Wachmovia, Wagon Train, Wally, Water, Watson - Carol and Higham - David, Wee Willie Winkie, Westerman - Percy, Where & How, Whoopee, Wigwams, Wilderness, William, Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, Witch, Wombat, Writing, Yates - Paula, Zoo, View
09 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCartoon 202017Beano, Bird - "Dickie", Boink, Calvin and Hobbes, Cricket, Curly Wee, Dandy, Davis - Jim, Far Side, Fougasse, Fred Bassett, Gambols, Garfield, Horses, Inspector Gadget, Larson - Gary, Peanuts, Schulz, Snoopy, Thelwell, Viz, Waterson - Bill. View
09 Mar 2020Books & BygonesCanals & Waterways12Bridges, Britain,Canals, Cruising, Directory, Harbour, Inland, Introduction, Midlands, Mississippi, National Trust, Northern Ireland, Rivers, Southern, Sydney, Waterways, Wey, View
06 Mar 2020Books & BygonesMY01-42 CLEARANCE42Aldin - Cecil, Appleyby - William and Fowler, Frederick ill by Walker Audrey, Awdry - Rev. W., Awdry - Rev. W., Barrie - J.M., Brown - Dr John, Bruton - Eric, Chase - Nicholas, Conran - Shirley, Craik - Geo L. M.A.,Davis - Derek C.,Dexter - Colin, Du Vallon - Antoinette, Field Heath - Janet, Fisher - S.W., Forster, E.M., Godden - Geoffrey, Grahame - Kenneth, Habberton - John, Hoare - Thomas W., Hough - G.L., Howes - Edith, Hughes - Therle and Illustrated by Abbo, Hussein, Irvine - Lucy, Joice - Dick and Jean, Olney - Richard, Pascoe - L.C. and Lee, A.J. and Jenkins, E.S., Pitman - Isaac, Plenderleith - Allan, Porteous - John, Rayner - Clair, Spero - Simon, Wills - Geoffrey, Wood - Robin Cigarette Cards, Coins, Dates, Food, Fruit, Hallmarks, Haymarket, Magic, Nature, Nutcracker & Swan Lake, Shorthand, Smugglers, Spencers, Pottery, Thomas the Tank Engine View
05 Mar 2020Gaston RenardShort List 32085Australiana View
05 Mar 2020Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerCatalogue 238107Lawrence of Arabia View
05 Mar 2020Asia BookroomAsian Studies Conference in Boston 202013Korea, Japan, China, Maps, Rare, Antiquarian, Books, Ephemera, Communism, Chicago, America, International Relations, Nanking, maritime View
03 Mar 2020Books & BygonesBoats & Boating 202023Anchorages, Associations, Atlantic Crossing, Beginners, Boating, Channel, Clippers, Coastline, Cruiser, Cruising, Dinghy, Fishing, Global Challenge, Guinness, Gypsy Moth, Handbook, Harbourage, Land's End, Lightweight, Manual, National,Navigating, Paddle Steamers, Ports, Sailing, Silk Cut Almanacs, Sinbad, Tall Ships, Unsinkable, Windjammers, Wrecks, Yachting, Yachtman, View
03 Mar 2020Books & BygonesBusiness 202085Accounts, Advertisements, Algorithm, Bank of Nova Scotia, Better Job, Better Manager, Capitalismo, Career Development, Christmas, Ciba Foundation, City, Civil Engineering, Coaching, Communication, Conference & Meetings, Corah of Leicester, Desktop, Developing Countries, Digital Business, Dilbert Principle, Economy, Foyles, Gas Works History, George Davies retail revolution,Grocers, Handbooks, High Performance, History of Shopping, Industrial, IndustryInky Way, Internet, Japan, Java, Jewish Ethics, Lloyds, Machine Age, Metal Forming, Microeconomics, Microprocessors, Miners, Money, Motivation, Newspaper, Oil, Organizational Behaviour, Paper, Phaidon, Photoshop 4, Pocketbook, Power Timing, Press, Prodigy, Production, Profitable, Rio Tinto-Zinc Corporation, Sarmcol, Selling, Spectrum, Stock-broking, Stockport Development, Strategies for Marketing, Success in Selling, Sugarcane, Takeover Bid, Technical, Trade Credit, Trade, Unilever, War, Wave Principle, Whittards. View
03 Mar 2020Books & BygonesBirds 202024Atlas, Bill Oddie,Britain & Ireland, Cages, Cockatiels, Cockatoos,Common, Common, Enemies, Frances Pitt,Identify, I llustrations,Keeping, Macaws, Malaya, Map, MuteSwan, New Zealand, Owls, Parrots, Pheasants, Plover, Red Kite, South Africa, Spratt, Watching, Wild Guide, Young Naturalist Series View
28 Feb 2020Books & BygonesBiography 2020200Ada Leverson, Alastair Campbell, Albert Augustus Toogood, Alec Guinness, Alice B. Toklas, Alistair Cook, Anton Chekhov, Antony Worrall Thompson, Arietty, Armand Denis, Asimov, Auden, Barbara Skelton, Beeton, Benny Hill, Binder Kent, Blindness, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Brando, Brian Johnston, Bronte, Byron, Cadbury, Captain Scott, Cary Grant, Casanova, Catherine The Great, Charles Dickens, Charles Lamb, Churchill, Clapton, Claudia Schiffer, Cliff Richards (signed), D H Lawrence, Dame Judith Anderson, Daphne Du Maurier, David Bathurst, David Bell, David Garrick, Denholm Elliott, Dickie Bird, Dirk Bogarde, Dodie Smith, Donald Sinden, Doris Lessing, Dostoevskaia, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr, Duke of Wellington, Duke of Windsor, Edward Lear, Elisabeth David, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Elton John, Elvis, Eric Blom, Eric Clapton, Eustace Budgell, Eve Curie, Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay), Fergie, Francis Bacon, Francis Drake, Frankie Howard, Fred Bason, Gandhi, Gary Cooper, George Eliot, Geri Halliwell, Gert Bastian, Gertrude Stein, Gielgud, Greigs, Groucho Marx, Gypsy Rose Lee, Handel, Harold Hobson, Jack Charlton, Jack Nicholson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, James Baldwin, James Campbell, James Dean, Jane Austen, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Cage, John Evelyn, John Gordon, John Milton, John Stanislaus Joyce, John Stirling, Jose Ferrer, Josiah Wedgwood, Judith Magyar Isaacson, Jung Chang, Keith Floyd, Kenneth Allsop, Kevin Keegan, King Boris III of Bulgaria, Kitchener, Lady Ann Blunt, Lee Harvey Oswald, Lenin, Lenny Bruce, Lewis Carroll, Lord David Cecil, Lord Home, Madame de Staël, Magnus Magnusson, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Marquess of Bath, Menachem Begin, Mosimann, Muhammad Ali, Napoleon, Noel Coward, Oliver Cromwell, Paul Monette, Phenomenon, Philip M Kaiser, Queen Victoria, Robert Beatty, Robert Graves, Roberto d' Aubuisson, Ronald Biggs, Rothschilds, Schwartzenegger, Shelley, Sherborne, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Richard Steele, Sir Robin Day, Sir Roger de Coverly, Sir Walter Scott, Spencer Tracy, Spike Milligan, Stephen King, Sven Berlin, Thecla (Teresa) Merlo, Thomas Beecham, Tony Blair, Victoria Wood, Viscount Tonypandy, William Makepeace Thackeray, William Morris, Wordsworth View
27 Feb 2020Books & BygonesBeekeeping 202050Approach to, Bee, Beginners, Bread, Cottage Economy, Death of a Beekeeper, Discovery, Gleanings in Bee Culture Vols 1945-1949, Guide, Hive, Honey,Health, Herbal, Introduction, Joy of, Keeping of, Insect Life, Lovers of Bees,Mankind, Modern, Mystery, North African, Novice, Philosophy, Practice, Recipes, Root E.R., Taste, View
25 Feb 2020Books & BygonesAstrology - Astronomy 202025Alchemy, Apocalypse, Astrological, Astrology, Birthtypes, Gypsy Dreambook, Halley's Comet, Horoscope, Manual, Natal Interpretation, Nostradamus,Planets, Alchemy Rising Sideral Time, Sagittarius - The Archer, Signs, Solar Cross, Space Travel, Tarot, Universe, View
12 Feb 2020Books & BygonesArchaeology 202037Africa, Ancient, Archaeology, Art, Atlantis, Avebury, Bronze Age, Buildings in the care of the Ministry of Works, Canterbury, Cathedral, Centuries, China, Chinese, Chronicle, Church, Diggin, Discovery, Dowsing, Emperor, Exhibition, Explorers, Finds, Fishbourne, History, Journey, Kingship, Larousse, Lindow Man, Lost Cities, Man in the Ice, Medieval Designs , Mesoamerica, Modern, Monuments, Palace, Past, Pompeii AD79, Pottery, Prehistoric, Roman, Romance, Ruins, Stonehenge, West Somerset Archaeological Society, World Atlas View
03 Feb 2020Books & BygonesArchitecture Abbeys, Aesthetics, Ancient English Houses, Architecture, Bathrooms, Batsford, Bedrooms, Berkshire, Britain, Building World, Buildings, Capability Morgan, Castles of Wales, Cathedral, Cathedral, Choir Stalls, Christianity, Church, Commoner's Cottage, Concrete, Construction, Conurbations, Country Life, Creative Home Design, Crypt, Decoration, Design, Designers, Development, Dining Rooms, Dublin Castle, English, English Country House, Europe, Evolution, Formwork, Furniture, Gaudi, Georgian, Government, Great Western Railway, Great Britain, Greek Revival, Halls, Handbook, Heritage Society, Historic, History, Housing the Elderly, Industrial, Interior, Ireland, Jerusalem, Judaism, Kitchen, Kitchens, Lincoln Minster, Living Rooms, London, Longview, Mesoamerica, Modern, Monuments, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, Old English Mansions, Outside View, Oxford, Stone, Parish Churches, Pevsner, Planned City, Plumbing, Redevelopment, Regional, RIBA Drawing Series, Sainitary Fittings, Shires, Sourcebook, St. Lawrence Reading, Structures, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Temple, Thames Valley, Town Houses, Town Planning, Ulster, Urban, Vestements, Victorian, Villas, Visual, Westminster, Winchester, World, View
02 Feb 2020Books & BygonesNew Additions 27281 - 2730121Hans Andersen, Babs Ballads, Bowman, Brent Dyer, Chalet, Children, Collecting, Dog, Exhibitions, Fairies, Forster - E.M, Gardens Wall & Water, Gertrude Jekyll, Hans Andersen, History, Kipling, Princess, Snow Queen, Tolkein J.R.R., Tommy Apple, Viking, Winnie the Pooh, View
30 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAnthropology24Aboriginal, Africa, Australia, Banff, Cannibalism, Charms, Communication, Coon carnival, Crafts, Culture, Development, Eskimo, Explorer, Field Guide, Food, Human Habitation, Indigenous, Indonesia, Iron, Japan, Jungles, Maori, Medicine, Migrant, Navajo, New Guinea, New Zealand, North American Indians, Oman, Paleo-Indians, Peoples, Prehistoric Peoples, Rockies, Royal British Columbia Museum Handbook, Sahara, Sheik, Social Anthropology, South America, Technology, Tribal, Wild Plants, Wood Hanbury-Tenison Robin, Dogan, Xavante, Aborigines, Makuna, Gabra, Wodaabe, Weyewa, Nyhinba, Huichol, View
28 Jan 2020Books & BygonesArt & Artists 2020237Beerbohm - Max, Beningfield, Bruegel, Gill - Eric, Goya, Hogarth, Lear - Edward, Leonardo, Matisse, Michelangelo, Nicholson - Ben, Picasso, Raphael, Rembrandt, Tissot, Toulouse-Lautrec, Turner, Van Gogh - Vincent, Aboriginal, Airbrush,Amateur, Americans, Ancient, Animals, Art and Archaeology, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts Movement, Aztec, Baroque, Beginners, Biological, Bird, Boats & Ships, Botanists, Brackman, British Museum, Canaletto, Caricatures, Cezane, China, Colour Mixing, Comic, Contemporary, Continental, Crtitical Woodcuts, Cubism, Decorative, Design, Discovering, Dogs, Drawing, Dulwich College Picture Gallery, Dutch, European, Exhibitions, Figure, Fiji, Floral, Flower, French, Geometrical, Gothic, Graphic, Handwriting, Hiroshige, History, Illuminating, Illustration, Images, Impressionists, Innocent, Italian, Japanese, Kasuga Shrine, Landscape, Learn to Paint, Liquid Colours, Louvre, Masterpainters, Materials, Military, Miniature, Modelling, Modern Art, Morris - William, National Gallery of Scotland. National Portrait Gallery, Norwich School of Painters, Observer's Guide, Oxford, Painting, Pastels, Pen & Pencil, Persian, Perspective, Portraits, Post War, Postcards, Pre-Raphaelites, Primitive, Prints, Renaissance, Reproductions, Rococo, Royal Academy, Royal Collection, Rubens,Sculpture, Seascapes, Silk, Sketching, Sotheby's, Tate Gallery, Technical, Techniques,Textiles, Thames, Toshiba Gallery, Troubleshooter, Tudor, Universe, Van Eycks, Victorian, Watercolour, Watteau, Women, View
26 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAnthology 20203015th to 20th Centuries, 55 B.C. - 1485, Angels, Antipathy, Berkshjire, Christmas, Eat, Epicures, Food, Heart, Home, Kitchen, and Singapore, Murders, Purbeck, Satirical, South Seas, Verse, Words of Famous People, War, War Poetry, Wine, Women's Writings, Jilly Cooper, Eddie Izzard, Spike Milligan, Penguin, View
24 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAnimals 202049Animal Practice, Bandoola, Birds, Canine, Captivity, Cat, Cattle, Celebrity, Cub, Dogs, Dolphins, Donkeys, Elephants, Extinct, Farm, Fish, Gorilla, Gourmets, Hospital, Horses, Hygene, Journeys, Marine, Ophthalmology, Orphans, Otter, Pigs, Pool, Poultry, Predators, Primeval, Rabbits, Receipts, Reptiles, Rights, Seal, Sheep, Small, Sounds, Treatment, Welfare, Whales, Wildlife, Breeding, Fire Brigade, RSPCA, Symposium, Tigers, Travellers, Veterinary, Woodstock, Yearbook, Zoological Kipling, Punch, Africa, View
20 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAntiques & Collection 2020144Animals, Arms and Armour, Art Noveau, Art Deco, Autographs, Beanie Babies, Books, Bottles, Cast Iron, Ceramics, China Marks, Clocks, Decorative, Doll's Houses, Drawings, Enamels, Furniture, Games, Glasses, Horse Brasses, Jewelry, Kings and Queens of England, Kitchenware, Luck, Manuscripts, Motto Wares, Oriental, Paintings, Philately, Phonographs, Porcelain, Postcards, Pottery, Price Guides, Railway, Scientific Medical Instruments,Nautical, Sculpture, Ship Models, Silver, Small, Stamps, Teddy Bears, Treasure, Victorian, Watch, and Watercolours, Waterways, Collecting, Flea Markets, Handbook, Tony Curtis, William Morris, Ernest Nister, American, British, Chinese, England, Irish, Japanese, Korea, Bonhams Chelsea, Christie's, Dreweatt Neate, Fairfax Library, Fowler Museum, Garbisch, Grosvenor House Antiques Fair, Hamlyn, Lyle, Miller's, Sotheby's, View
09 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAircraft 202052Hurricane, Stealth, Combat, RAF, Painting Michael Turner, Aircraft, Top Gun, Leonardo da Vinci, Warfare, Red Arrows, Luftwaffe, Extraterrestrial Encounter, WW1, WW2, Korea, camoflage, Fighters, Battle of Britain, Great Air Battles, MiG-29, Aeronautical, Aviation, Squadrons, BEA, Spitfire, Air Band Radio, Passenger Aircraft, Rocket, Pioneers, Recognition, Markings. View
09 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAgriculture 2020 Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Eggs, Sheep, Breeding, Farming, Windmills, Dairy, Plums, Farm Electrification Handbook, Danish, Cherries, Fruit, Artificial Insemination, Rabbits, Root Crops, Africa, Economics, Tractors View
08 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAdventure 202048Henty, Higgins, Orczy, Reeman, Shute, Verne, View
17 Dec 2019Books & BygonesCookbooks for Christmas Gift30First Editions, Cookery, View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View

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