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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
20 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAntiques & Collection 2020144Animals, Arms and Armour, Art Noveau, Art Deco, Autographs, Beanie Babies, Books, Bottles, Cast Iron, Ceramics, China Marks, Clocks, Decorative, Doll's Houses, Drawings, Enamels, Furniture, Games, Glasses, Horse Brasses, Jewelry, Kings and Queens of England, Kitchenware, Luck, Manuscripts, Motto Wares, Oriental, Paintings, Philately, Phonographs, Porcelain, Postcards, Pottery, Price Guides, Railway, Scientific Medical Instruments,Nautical, Sculpture, Ship Models, Silver, Small, Stamps, Teddy Bears, Treasure, Victorian, Watch, and Watercolours, Waterways, Collecting, Flea Markets, Handbook, Tony Curtis, William Morris, Ernest Nister, American, British, Chinese, England, Irish, Japanese, Korea, Bonhams Chelsea, Christie's, Dreweatt Neate, Fairfax Library, Fowler Museum, Garbisch, Grosvenor House Antiques Fair, Hamlyn, Lyle, Miller's, Sotheby's, View
17 Jan 2020Gaston RenardShort List No.31587The Year of Hindsight. An Historical Miscellany. View
17 Jan 2020Steven Schuyler Bookseller 67Selected Titles for January 2020 View
17 Jan 2020Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersE4622Recent Acquisitions View
10 Jan 2020Antiquariat Dieter Stecher1-20209Mathematics, mainly probability theory View
09 Jan 2020Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd  New Acquisitions 2020 View
09 Jan 2020Lesley Aitchison137334Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc. View
09 Jan 2020St Philip's Books91 Church History c. 1800-2000 View
09 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAgriculture 2020 Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Eggs, Sheep, Breeding, Farming, Windmills, Dairy, Plums, Farm Electrification Handbook, Danish, Cherries, Fruit, Artificial Insemination, Rabbits, Root Crops, Africa, Economics, Tractors View
09 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAircraft 202052Hurricane, Stealth, Combat, RAF, Painting Michael Turner, Aircraft, Top Gun, Leonardo da Vinci, Warfare, Red Arrows, Luftwaffe, Extraterrestrial Encounter, WW1, WW2, Korea, camoflage, Fighters, Battle of Britain, Great Air Battles, MiG-29, Aeronautical, Aviation, Squadrons, BEA, Spitfire, Air Band Radio, Passenger Aircraft, Rocket, Pioneers, Recognition, Markings. View
08 Jan 2020Books & BygonesAdventure 202048Henty, Higgins, Orczy, Reeman, Shute, Verne, View
01 Jan 2020The Wayfarer's Bookshop 27Rare Books, Games, Maps & Prints New Year's 2020 View
01 Jan 2020Kingsbridge Books 29Travel and Adventure books 1 View
01 Jan 2020Kingsbridge BooksTaylor246Polar exploration books View
21 Dec 2019Colwyn Books 888Theology and religion View
20 Dec 2019Bibliophile BooksC378   View
19 Dec 2019Sokol Books 34Bible catalogue View
19 Dec 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian Bookseller237139Children's and Illustrated books View
19 Dec 2019The Wayfarer's Bookshop 3030 New Acquisitions & Selected Stock Highlights Winter 2019 View
17 Dec 2019Books & BygonesCookbooks for Christmas Gift30First Editions, Cookery, View
16 Dec 2019Americana BooksDec. 2019 pt 1approx 70American Frontier,Natives,Civil War,Exploration & Travel, Mountain Men & Fur Trade, Military & Indian Wars, Custer, Outlaws, Gunfighters, Lawmen, Reference & General, Western American Literature. View
16 Dec 2019Americana BooksDec. 2019 pt 2Approx 70American Frontier,Natives,Civil War,Exploration & Travel,Mountain Men & Fur Trade,Military & Indian Wars,Custer,Otlaws,Gunfighters,Lawmen,Reference & General,Western American Literature. View
13 Dec 2019Antique Print & Maps  Larmat, Louis - Vintage French wine maps / cartes vinicoles View
13 Dec 2019Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd 30END-OF-YEAR MISCELLANY View
13 Dec 2019Robert Frew Ltd 190London Maps and Views View
12 Dec 2019J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansDecember 2019127Autographs, Prints, & Memorabilia From the Collection of Marilyn Horne Part II: M-Z View
12 Dec 2019J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansDecember 2019101Autographs, Prints, & Memorabilia from the Collection of Marilyn Horne Part 2: A-L View
12 Dec 2019Gaston RenardShort List No.31482A Christmas Selection View
11 Dec 2019Steven Schuyler BookdealerDecember 201960architecture, building trades, gift books, hardware, stone, brick, masonry View
10 Dec 2019LIBRAIRIE DES CARRES41318Science Architecture Travel History Art French literature Illustrated books French local history View
05 Dec 2019L’Autographe SA6840  View
02 Dec 2019Grosvenor Prints96116Antiquarian prints, etchings, mezzotints, aquatints, lithographs, sporting prints, satire, maritime prints View
29 Nov 2019Unsworths Antiquarain BooksellersE-4515Recent Acquisitions View
22 Nov 2019Harrison Hiett Rare Books15 “Are We Still Leaving?” and other Tales of Mirth from the Brexit Badlands Part II View
22 Nov 2019Gaston RenardShort List 31395Miscellany. View
22 Nov 2019Antiqua Print Gallery  Original 1950's & 1960's London West End Theatre posters. View
22 Nov 2019L’Autographe SA67175Autograph's View
21 Nov 2019Kirk Ruebotham129500Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Crime Fiction, Forteana, Occult, Cinema, True Crime. View
11 Nov 2019M.G.Manwaring2370Modern Poetry and Literature View
08 Nov 2019Bibliophile377340  View
08 Nov 2019Paul Brown Books  Philosophy & Political Theory 46 items. View
08 Nov 2019Antiqua Print Gallery  20th century fire insurance plans of the City of London by Charles Goad View
30 Oct 2019Grosvenor Prints95465Prints,engravings,mezzotints,aquatints,etchings,satire,caricature,humour View
24 Oct 2019Unsworths Antiquarain BooksellersE-4447Early Printing View
24 Oct 2019Lesley Aitchison136304Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc. View
24 Oct 2019Voyager Press Rare Books & ManuscriptsChelsea Book Fair 201921* Large Architectural Archive * China Panoramas * Film and Theater Archives * Manuscript Journals by POW * Miscel. Women related items View
22 Oct 2019H.M. FletcherMotoring list 244Motoring autobomiles motor-racing transport cars View
10 Oct 2019Jeff Weber Rare Books228155Rare books in Pediatrics & Medical history View
03 Oct 2019Arthur Hook Books & Maps 45Atlases & Geographies 1750-1950 View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View

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