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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
08 Dec 2023Sokol Books15th-century Illustrated Medical Manuscript 15th-century illustrated medical manuscript, with interesting early Polish provenance. View
08 Dec 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 113500cartes-de-visite” photographs View
08 Dec 2023Collinge & ClarkAdvent 2023104Private press books predominate, but there are French artist's books, type specimen books and even the occasional modern first edition. View
08 Dec 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4959Nine Recent Acquisitions View
08 Dec 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 47368Three weeks to Christmas View
08 Dec 2023Steven Schuyler BooksellerDecember 202374Selected Titles View
08 Dec 2023The Wayfarer's BookshopDecember 202330Travel Around the World in Early Photograph Albums & Collections View
08 Dec 2023St Philip's BooksCatalogue 100850Art & Topography, Literature & Fiction, Liturgy, Church History (all periods), Marian & other Spirituality, and Fine & Rare books View
08 Dec 2023Bernard QuaritchChristmas 202350A selection of fifty rare books, manuscripts, and more to usher in the holiday season. View
08 Dec 2023Grosvenor PrintsCatalogue 133359  View
07 Dec 2023Durdles Books011160Science Fiction, Fantasy, Signed Limited Editions, Christopher Priest, Iain M Banks, China Miéville, Philip K Dick View
06 Dec 2023Grosvenor Prints133359Satire,Caricature, antique prints, mezzotints,engravings,aquatints,etching View
01 Dec 2023Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdDecember 2023160Including nineteenth-century photographs, Australian Art, history and travel books, manuscripts, printed ephemera View
30 Nov 2023Tony Fothergill12250Women, Botany, Science View
30 Nov 2023Tony Fothergill122 - Women, Botany, Science, Part II50Women, Botany, Science View
29 Nov 2023Bernard Quaritch145492Music, both printed and manuscript, and an appendix of musical autographs. Included are works by J C Bach, Clementi, Couperin, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Ligeti, and Rameau; scores presented to Prince Adolphus. Empress ‘Sisi’, and Empress Marie-Louise; hymns for the Foundling and Magdalen Hospitals; a collection of rare song-sheets; and manuscript chansons, madrigals, quodlibets and quadrilles. View
29 Nov 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 49446Botany View
29 Nov 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 47250The Fourth Estate View
29 Nov 2023De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 154233A selection of rare and hard to find books relating to Ireland including: Early Printings, Irish History, Fine Bindings, Literature, Poetry, Irish Language, First Editions, Signed Limited Editions, Manuscripts and more View
24 Nov 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 18693Autografi e manoscritti View
24 Nov 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 86Oxford's "Dreaming Spires": the University & its colleges by Rudolph Ackermann (1814) View
24 Nov 2023Bernard QuaritchNovember 202325New Acquisitions View
24 Nov 2023ANZAABNovember 2023 Joint Catalogue. View
24 Nov 2023Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersE7019Recent Acquisitions View
17 Nov 2023Glacier BooksNovember 2023400+Polar Travel and Exploration View
17 Nov 2023Glacier BooksNovember 2023400+Mountaineering and Mountain Travel View
17 Nov 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 34The River Thames & Thames Valley: antique maps & views (1645-1957) View
17 Nov 2023Sanders of Oxford 50Recent Acquisitions View
17 Nov 2023Military BooksList 105483Second Part of the Schriver collection. Many Marine Corps and Submarine books. View
17 Nov 2023Military BooksList 1041002First part of the collection of John Schriver. Emphasis on World War II Army Air Force aviation unit histories, bomber and fighter group published in the 1940s and 50s. Other aviation books. View
17 Nov 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 493281Military View
17 Nov 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 11276Music autographs View
17 Nov 2023L’Autographe S.A. 500500 rare “cartes-de-visite” photographs of important personalities taken by Disderi, Franck, Nadar and many other famous photographers View
10 Nov 2023Altea Gallery  John Rocque's 24-sheet plan of London from the library of Chiswick House View
10 Nov 2023Stokes BooksCatalogue 46815Books relating to Ireland View
10 Nov 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 18393Autografi e manoscritti View
10 Nov 2023Steven Schuyler BooksellerNovember 202375Selected Titles View
03 Nov 2023Robert Frew LtdChelsea 202364Chelsea Rare Book Foar catalogue. View
03 Nov 2023Marcus Campbell Art Books 212Autonomist Radical Mail Art Occulture Counterculture Underground small press View
01 Nov 2023Bernard QuaritchOctober 202330A Selection of Rare Books View
01 Nov 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 492110Music View
01 Nov 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 46849Other people's lives View
01 Nov 2023Bernard QuaritchMemento Mori1515 Rare Books for Halloween View
01 Nov 2023Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdNew Acquisitions November 2023200Australian art and literature, private press, travel and exploration, works on New Guinea and the New Hebrides, historical photographs View
01 Nov 2023Bernard QuaritchChelsea 2023- Highlights25Encompassing a drunk and disorderly bookbinder, a 1537 Cicero with a volvelle, the autobiography of a seventeenth-century highwayman, a suite of unrecorded engravings, a list of foreigners in French Revolutionary Paris, heraldic manuscripts, William Petty’s landmark Essay in political arithmetick, sign language for gastronomes, and an almanac ‘for women by women’ in painted silk. View
01 Nov 2023Grosvenor Prints132362Prints,maps,books,humour,satire,caricature,portraits,mezzotints,topography,Australiana,Sporting View
27 Oct 2023Sanders of OxfordAutumn 202350Recent Acquisitions View
27 Oct 2023J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansCatalogue 100100-Autograph musical manuscripts and letters of composers; first and early editions of printed music ; rare books on music; original music-related paintings, drawings, and prints. View
27 Oct 2023HM FletcherOctober 202369Various titles View
21 Oct 2023Durdles Books010 Part3170Science Fiction, Fantasy, George R R Martin, Isaac Asimov, John W Campbell, David Weber, Signed, Limited Editons, View
20 Oct 2023Gaston RenardShort List 42045Some Facsimile Voyages View
20 Oct 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 46651Publishers and booksellers View
20 Oct 2023Bernard Quaritch 77Autographs & Letters; View
20 Oct 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 11182Music autographs View
20 Oct 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 49190Brazilian Colonial Authors View
13 Oct 2023Bernard Quaritch145182Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts View
13 Oct 2023Sokol BooksBoston Book Fair Short List119  View
13 Oct 2023Mark Westwood BooksMiniature Books7Miniature Books View
10 Oct 2023R.G. Watkins Books and PrintsCatalogue 83 AERONAUTICS, ROYAL AIR FORCE AND SECOND WORLD WAR222aeronautics, royal air force, second world war, engineering, flying, military, spitfire, pilot View
06 Oct 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 49030The Inquisition View
06 Oct 2023The Wayfarer's BookshopOctober 202342Americas & Americans Abroad in Manuscripts & Photographs View
05 Oct 2023Steven Schuyler BooksellerOctober 202384Selected titles for October View
05 Oct 2023Nudelman Rare BooksCatalogue 51235A selection of fine books View
29 Sep 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 110111Music autographs View
29 Sep 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 200Early 20th century tourist maps of East Asia, Southern Africa & Atlantic Islands View
29 Sep 2023Bernard QuaritchSeptember 202330September New Acquisitions - A Selection of Rare Books View
29 Sep 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 46359More than one volume View
29 Sep 2023Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersE-List 6920Recent Acquisitions View
29 Sep 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 18574Autografi e manoscritti View
22 Sep 2023Sokol Books 12Architecture View
22 Sep 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4899Barros & Couto, Decadas View
22 Sep 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 46269Australian art View
22 Sep 2023Collinge & ClarkLibrary of Lionel Selwyn Part I254Typography and design. View
14 Sep 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4886Six Recent Acquisitions View
14 Sep 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 46144Poetry and prose View
14 Sep 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 18487Autografi e manoscritti/Documenti a stampa View
14 Sep 2023Bernard QuaritchYork 202335A selection of books, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera View
14 Sep 2023Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdUNIQUE :2020 manuscripts, from the poetic to the quotidian View
13 Sep 2023Gerald BakerSeptember 202340York Book Fair catalogue - a miscellany of books in a number of categories, including topography, railways, aviation, industrial history and interesting ephemera View
07 Sep 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 46059Sporting pursuits View
07 Sep 2023De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 153250Exceedingly rare items relating to Ireland View
07 Sep 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48785Modernism View
01 Sep 2023Bernard QuaritchAugust 202330A Selection of Rare Books View
28 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 486117Women Authors View
26 Aug 2023Arthur HookOld Maps of London 202346Maps of London from the 1740s to the 1940s View
25 Aug 2023The Wayfarer's Bookshop 25Travel Around the World in Early Photograph Albums & Collections - August 2023 View
25 Aug 2023Steven Schuyler BooksellerSeptember 202381Selected Titles for September 2023 View
25 Aug 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 4585818th and 19th Century literature View
25 Aug 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 794Ward Lock British Isles tourist maps: seaside resorts, cities & national parks View
18 Aug 2023Antiqua Print GalleryRecent additions: Hampstead | Middle earth | Burgundy | Sydney | West Africa | Taiwan | London immigration | Venice | Racing cars   View
18 Aug 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 45733Vietnam Veterans' Day 18 August View
18 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48569Naval History View
11 Aug 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 43England & Wales Agricultural Land Classification maps (1967-1975) View
11 Aug 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerSpecial List 45652Children's books View
11 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4845Five Recent Acquisitions View
11 Aug 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 183100Cento artisti italiani tra ‘800 e ‘900 View
04 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48337Missions and Missionaries View
28 Jul 2023Bernard QuaritchAnnotated Books 202345Annotated Books View
27 Jul 2023Stokes BooksJuly List547Books relating to Ireland View
27 Jul 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48224Recent Acquisitions View
27 Jul 2023Bernard QuaritchNew Acquisitions July 202330A Selection of Rare Books View
27 Jul 2023Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdMelbourne Rare Book Fair 2023 Melbourne Rare Book Fair 2023 View
21 Jul 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48021Recent Acquisitions View
21 Jul 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 182239Autografi musicali manoscritti e fotografie View
21 Jul 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 45352Provenance View
21 Jul 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 116Antique maps of the Mediterranean: its islands, resorts, coastlines & cities View
21 Jul 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48130Morocco View
21 Jul 2023Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersE6821Recent Acquisitions (Summer 2023) View
14 Jul 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 335First World War: Western Front, trench maps & naval battles 1914-1916 View
14 Jul 2023Sokol BooksMelbourne 2023100Early printed books and manuscripts. View
14 Jul 2023Steven Schuyler BooksellerJuly 202373Selected Titles View
06 Jul 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 10887Music autographs: Composers, singers and instrumentalists View
30 Jun 2023Antiqua Print GalleryMiniature Speeds57Antique maps of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales by van den Keere (1632) View
30 Jun 2023Sokol BooksJune Short List10Natural Science, Zoology & Botany View
30 Jun 2023Bernard QuaritchJune New Acquisitions20A Selection of Rare Books View
23 Jun 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47941  View
23 Jun 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 181 Autografi musicali e fotografie View
23 Jun 2023Bernard QuaritchTravel 202372Travel – A Selection of Rare Books View
23 Jun 2023De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 152400Exceedingly rare items relating to Ireland View
09 Jun 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4788Eight Recent Acquisitions View
09 Jun 2023Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShortlist 44948Pop-ups and other children's books View
09 Jun 2023Steven Schuyler BooksellerJune 202379  View
09 Jun 2023De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 152400A selection of fine, rare and important books and manuscripts View
02 Jun 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41890A Darwin List View
25 May 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 10796Music autographs: Instrumentalists, composers and opera singers View
25 May 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 475Caribbean & West Indies antique maps & sea charts (1590-1968) View
25 May 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47784On Women View
18 May 2023Sokol Books 12Twelve early books chosen for their unusual and interesting subject, genre or characteristics. It includes an embroidery pattern book, a travelogue with a German-Malay phrasebook, and a reference book for currency exchange View
12 May 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 180116Ritratti: incisioni e litografie/Autografi e manoscritti View
12 May 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41784A Miscellany View
05 May 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41682Limited Editions View
05 May 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 10647Important autographs and manuscripts View
05 May 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4767Seven Recent Acquisitions View
28 Apr 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 475416Bibliography View
28 Apr 2023Bernard QuaritchNew York 202380A selection of rare books and manuscripts View
21 Apr 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41570A Miscellany View
21 Apr 2023Bernard QuaritchRecent Acquisitions - April20Works on extra-terrestrials, beauty, murder, the Ottomans, and the Medicis, travel in Italy and the East, and poetry and love letters View
21 Apr 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47425Spanish & Portuguese Golden Age Literature View
21 Apr 2023Sophia Rare BooksCatalogue for the New York Fair Rare and important books & manuscripts in science and medicine, by Christian Westergaard View
14 Apr 2023Peter Moore Book SellerCatalogue 108296Australian Miscellany View
07 Apr 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41488Australia and Pacific View
07 Apr 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47320Fascism, Integralism, Corporatism & The Falange View
31 Mar 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41391Intelligence, Artificial and Otherwise View
31 Mar 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 105121Music autographs and signed photographs View
31 Mar 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 179113Autographs and photographs View
31 Mar 2023Nudelman Rare BooksCatalogue 50242Fine selection of rare and sought after books. View
24 Mar 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 174Maps & views of the Middle East & Levant - 16th-20th centuries View
24 Mar 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41284Naval and Shipping History View
24 Mar 2023Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdAustralian Art Australian Art books and original works View
24 Mar 2023Bernard QuaritchNew Acquisitions March 202330Satire and sorcery, provincial printing and patterned papers, Liverpudlian lithography, Classics and crustaceans, philosophy and photography, and a great variety of other books and manuscripts. View
24 Mar 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 472200Medicine View
24 Mar 2023ANZAABJoint Catalogue #5 Curated from 24 members' stock, most being offered publicly for the first time. The catalogue is over 200 pages, View
17 Mar 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41189Literature View
10 Mar 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41074Travel View
24 Feb 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47121Firsts Online: Twenty-One Recent Acquisitions View
17 Feb 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47018Timor View
26 Oct 2022Bernard QuaritchOctober 202220A Selection of Rare Books View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View

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