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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
22.Sep.17Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersList E 2875Antiquarian, British, Classical, Medieval, Modern View
14.Sep.17Antiquariat Dieter StecherList 5/201775Economics and related subjects. A selection of rare English, French, German, Italian and Swedish writings 1741-1996 View
14.Sep.17BibliophileC 355xxxPostal bargains View
14.Sep.17Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersNo. 31164a Miscellany of pre-1900 books, Classical and otherwise. View
07.Sep.17Grosvenor PrintsNo. 73200An American View
02.Sep.17Zetetic BooksCatalogue XIII90William Morris, Socialism, Socialist, Pamphlets, Broadsides, Buxton Forman, Forgeries, Sophistications View
01.Sep.17John Turton Antiquarian BooksSeptember2323 items from stock. A random selection of interesting books & pieces of ephemera View
01.Sep.17Meridian Rare BooksSeptember113Zermatt and the Matterhorn View
23.Aug.17Peter BellSummer 2017157Unusual publications for sale - mainly historical View
18.Aug.17Anthony Smith BooksNo 4502Antiques & Decoration, Architecture, Art, Autobiography, Biography, Bookish, Children's, Diaries & Letters, Essays, Fiction, Fine Press, History, Illustrated, Miscellanies, Natural History & Gardening, Oddments, Photography, Poetry & Plays, Sets, Travel View
16.Aug.17Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersList SO6255Early Printing, Classics & Antiquity, British History, Other Medieval History, Other Modern History, Literature View
11.Aug.17BibliophileAugustxxxPostal bargains View
11.Aug.17Arthur HookAugust84Railway maps View
01.Aug.17Zetetic BooksBulletin XIV36Philosophy, Popper, Whitehead, Economic efficiency, Public Relations, Bernays, Rhetoric, Logic, Mill, Moore, Linguistics, Aristotle, View
27.Jul.17Zetetic BooksBulletin XIII33Philosophy, Medicine, Wittgenstein, Herder, Kant, Locke, Malthus View
26.Jul.17Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersList E 2715Recent acquisitions - July View
26.Jul.17Porcupine BooksNo. 78426Catalogue of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
26.Jul.17Grosvenor PrintsNo. 72580Prints, mezzotints, engravings, portraits View
05.Jul.17St Philips BooksNo. 812,840Major 20th-Century Authors: Chesterton, Knox &c, Patristics, Church History 1800-2000, Social & Moral. Fine & Rare: Addenda, Scholastic Theology & Philosophy. Biblical: Scripture Texts. Biblical: Grammars, Concordances, Lexicons. Bible: General, Old Testament, New Testament, Liturgy & Sacraments: Academic Studies View
03.Jul.17Chesil BooksJune44Art, Crafts, Dance, Music, Illustration, Architecture View
03.Jul.17Chesil BooksJune88Fiction, Poetry, Literature, Commentary View
01.Jul.17Kay Craddock - Antiquarian Bookseller P/L231174Australian Private Press Books and Ephemera View
29.Jun.17J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarian LLCSummer 2017402American & English Opera, Operetta, & Vocal Music View
29.Jun.17Janette Ray BooksellersNo. 9790Garden cities View
28.Jun.17Zetetic BooksBulletin XII32Philosophy, Plato View
19.Jun.17R.G. Watkins Books and PrintsNo. 73118Recent acquisitions - prints books and maps View
15.Jun.17Colwyn Books2017852Theology View
15.Jun.17Inch's BooksJune 201740City Plans, Abercrombie connection, Dublin, Future and the 1951 Statement on the London Plan, Doncaster, Stratford upon Avon, Deeside and County of London Plans by Abercrombie, a copy of Geddes' Dunfermline Plan, Doxiadis' Detroit Plan from 1966, and many others. View
04.Jun.17Antiquariat Dr. Wolfgang WanzkeNo 16171Alte Augsburger Drucke und Augustana Architektur und Bauwesen, Aufklärung und ihre Gegner, Buchwesen, Geschichte und Politik, Kirchengeschichte – Religion – Theologie, Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte, Medizin und Pharmazie, Naturwissenschaften und Technik, Recht, Reformation, Reisen und Landeskunde, Wirtschaft – Handwerk – Handel, Grafik, Literaturverzeichnis (Auswahl) View
04.Jun.17Altea Gallery LtdNo 4126The Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 15 Outstanding World Maps, Carte-à-Figure Maps, John Speed’s ‘Theatre’, The Saxon Heptarchy, Sea Charts, The Imagination of Heinrich Bünting, Creatures, Caricature, Borders, Cartouches & Vignettes [Large file - allow time to download] View
01.Jun.17J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarian LLCJune134Musical literature View
01.Jun.17Meridian Rare BooksFrom the Author115Modern Firsts, First editions, mountaineering, Churchill, Polar, Antarctic, Arctic, Everest, Travel, Exploration, signed, inscribed, Royalty, Literature, presentation copies, Dahl, Amundsen, Shackleton View
25.Mai.17Meridian Rare BooksNo. 18100Travel and Exploration View
19.Mai.17Archaeology Plus Ltd.Medieval 141ecat71medieval View
17.Mai.17J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarian LLCMay28American Music View
12.Mai.17J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarian LLCMay special31Latest acquisitions in May View
28.Apr.17St Philips BooksNo. 803,061Art & Topography, Major 20th-Century Authors, Theology ~ Church History 1500-1800, Eastern Christianity ~ Fine & Rare, Medieval Studies ~ Scholasticism ~ Biblical Studies View
28.Apr.17Porcupine BooksNo. 77436Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
20.Apr.17Books & Bygones2017 Bargain Catalogue Various Authors View
20.Apr.17Books & Bygones2017 Main Catalogue11369General Catalogue with over 4,500 cookbooks included, by author A - K. View
20.Apr.17Books & Bygones2017 Main Catalogue Authors L-Z11369General Catalogue (with over 4,500 cookbooks included, by author. View
09.Mrz.17Adrian Harrington48124Bindings Children's books Crime fiction Illustrated books Literature Modern first editions Travel Ian Fleming Arthur Conan Doyle Winston Churchill Agatha Christie View
28.Feb.17Gazelle Book Services Ltd2017xxxMilitary History - International Wars View
15.Feb.17Alan R BeattieFeb 2017xxxAmericana Books: American - Civil War, Frontier, Native, Dealer catalogues, Exploration and Travel, Military and Indian war, Mountain Men, Fur Trade, Outlaws, Gun Fighters, Lawmen, Reference, Specialist journals, Western Art and American literature View
10.Feb.17Cameron House BooksMichael Ayrton (1921-1975) - Part 2xxxNB: Large file - allow time to download! Bulk of his published written and illustrated work, including signed, limited editions, presentation copies, contributions to periodicals, bookplate and Christmas card designs, dustwrapper designs, exhibition catalogues, an Autograph letter, and some reference material. Part Two 4. Contributions to books, periodicals 5. Biography, bibliography, critical studies 6. Exhibition catalogues 7. Ephemera & Addenda Index View
10.Feb.17Cameron House BooksMichael Ayrton - Part 1xxxA collection comprising the bulk of his published written and illustrated work, including signed, limited editions, presentation copies, contributions to periodicals, bookplate and Christmas card designs, dustwrapper designs, exhibition catalogues, an Autograph letter, and some reference material. Part One 1. Books written or edited by Ayrton 2. Books illustrated by Ayrton 3. Dustwrappers and cover designs View
04.Feb.17Geoff Booth2017376Folio Society, Wisdens, Franklin Library, First Editions View
03.Feb.17Gerald BakerFebruary 201740Cambridge Book Fair catalogue - a miscellany of books in a number of categories, including topography, railways, motoring, maritime and classic literature. View
14.Jan.17Carvid Books2017xxxSigned Cricket Books View
12.Jan.17Books & BygonesNew Cookery Jan 2017134Cookery, Modern, Recipe, Foreign View
01.Dez.16Books & BygonesNew Listings November 2016208Cookery, Food, Recipes, Celebrity View
14.Nov.16Kestrel BooksNo. 15303Modern First Editions View
04.Nov.16Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
30.Sep.16Books & BygonesPhotography 201626Angel, Nude, World War, Candid, Composite, Impossible Filming, Kodak, Eastman, Black & White, Victorian and Edwardian, Nature, Animals, Graphic, Formulary, Heroes and Anti-heroes, RAF, Air, Artists, Royal Photographic Society, Exposure, Victoria & Albert Museum, History, Odhams, Manual, Photography, Practical. Guide, Amateurs, Le Corps et Le Nature, Praha ve fotografi Karla Plicky, Sepia, Russian, Czech, English, French, Kilburn, Reflections, Frelance, Travel, Memorable, 1955, Railway, Dave Lee Travis, Media, Women, Phobias, Landscape View
01.Sep.16Gerald BakerSeptember 201640York Book Fair catalogue - a miscellany of books in a number of categories, including topography, railways, motoring, the Sixties and classic literature. View
04.Dez.15Books & BygonesCatalogue Listings for Year 2015 (Dec 2015)383Architecture, Art & Art History, Food & Drink -...... Just Drinks & Beverages ...... Cookery, Countryside, Craft & Needlework,Horticulture & Gardening, History, Horses, Humour, Language, Literature, Medical, Music Nature, Novel, Poetry, Politics, Reference, Religious, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Topography, Travel, War, Women View

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