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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
18 Aug 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40853Modern literature View
14 Aug 2022R.G. Watkins Books and PrintsAugust Miscellany62theatre literature poetry album watercolour scott milton colour printingbible engineering View
12 Aug 2022Steven Schuyler BooksellerAugust 202279Selected Titles - August 2022 View
11 Aug 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40759Special Forces and Covert Operations View
10 Aug 2022John TurtonShortlist 3232miscellaneous View
09 Aug 2022J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansNew Acquisitions July 202227Autograph manuscripts of lost operas of Michael William Balfe. - fine 17th century engraving by the Dutch master Jan Lievens. - Mascagni’s own jeweled conducting baton. - autograph letter of Robert Schumann to his publisher discussing his works. - a possibly unique source for an unrecorded 18th century German cantata by Christian Gotthilf Tag. - first edition of Verdi’s Aida. - rare large 18th century hand-colored engraving depicting the marriage festivities of Louis, Dauphin of France, and the Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain &c. View
05 Aug 2022Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdNew Acquisitions August 2022250books, historical photographs, printed ephemera, original art View
04 Aug 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40654Travellers' tales View
04 Aug 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 9497Literature, theatre, cinema, ballet and art View
02 Aug 2022Sokol BooksAgriculture, Forestry and Oenology: A short list23Agriculture, Forestry and Oenology View
02 Aug 2022De Búrca Rare BooksLe Fanu List23Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873) View
02 Aug 2022Gaston RenardShort List 39385Pacific & New Zealand View
29 Jul 2022Bernard QuaritchJuly New Acquisitions - A Selection of Rare Books30A Selection of Rare Books View
29 Jul 2022Gaston RenardShort List 39273Darwiniana View
29 Jul 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40556Signed and inscribed View
29 Jul 2022Inch's BooksTwenty Trade Literature Items20Trade Literature View
21 Jul 2022De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 148363A selection of fine, rare and important books and manuscripts View
21 Jul 2022Steven Schuyler BooksellerSelected Titles - July 202275Selected Titles View
20 Jul 2022Altea GalleryJuly 202217A heatwave listing of antiquarian maps, prints and books View
20 Jul 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 93105Music autographs View
20 Jul 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4567Seven Recent Acquisitions View
20 Jul 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40441Arts and Crafts Movement View
20 Jul 2022Gaston RenardShort List 39185A Miscellany View
20 Jul 2022Grosvenor Prints118198Prints,engravings,mezzotints,aquatints,lithographs View
20 Jul 2022Arthur HookINDIA: RAILWAY MAPS & PUBLICITY15India, Maps, Railways View
15 Jul 2022Sokol BooksEarly Bookbinding Techniques: A short list9A new short list with interesting examples of bookbinding techniques employed in Europe and Britain c.1490-c.1600 View
15 Jul 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 45529Twenty-Nine Recent Acquisitions View
15 Jul 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40335Aspects of the book: 10: Libraries and museums View
15 Jul 2022Gaston RenardShort List 39049The Eighteenth Century - Part 2 View
08 Jul 2022Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdMelbourne Rare Book Fair 2022200Book Fair highlights View
08 Jul 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40256Melbourne Rare Book Fair Highlights View
08 Jul 2022The Wayfarer's BookshopJuly 202250The Americas & Americans Abroad in Manuscripts & Photographs View
08 Jul 2022At the Sign of the PipeXI130Books on organs and their history, organ booklets and ephemera, organ magazines and journals, organ builders' brochures View
29 Jun 2022Bernard QuaritchJune 202230Broadsides, bindings, and sammelbands, manuscripts and annotated books, schoolbooks from several centuries, and works on subjects from economics and education, philosophy and poetry, to law, literature, and liturgy View
29 Jun 2022Nudelman Rare BooksCatalogue 48260British and American Literature, Fine Bindings, Press Books, Inscribed Copies View
29 Jun 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 4011Second Folio Shakespeare View
29 Jun 2022Antiqua Print Gallery 200New arrivals: Rules of Golf, Stalin-era Soviet pictorial maps, Massachussetts, Americas, Bird eggs & Butterflies, Bollmann View
29 Jun 2022R.G. Watkins Books and PrintsThe Vivien Noakes Collection of First World War Books460first world war poetry nursing medicine rosenberg View
24 Jun 2022Steven Schuyler BooksellerJune 202281Selected Titles View
21 Jun 2022Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersE6223Recent Acquisitions View
21 Jun 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 45429Galicia View
21 Jun 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 40059Transport View
20 Jun 2022Grosvenor Prints117221Satire,Humour,humor,caricature View
17 Jun 2022Antiqua Print Gallery 1348Antique maps of Ireland since 1590 - county maps | city plans | coastal charts | the island of Ireland View
16 Jun 2022Lesley AitchisonCatalogue 14564Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc View
16 Jun 2022Bernard Quaritch144764English Books & Manuscripts. 64 recent acquisitions from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. View
14 Jun 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 45350Fifty More Books Relating to India View
12 Jun 2022Sokol Books 185Almanacs 1667-1700: A remarkable collection View
12 Jun 2022Peter Moore Book SellerCatalogue 105278The Pacific View
08 Jun 2022BibliophileCatalogue 402 Historical biography, war & militaria, crime fiction, nature, antiques & collectibles, art & architecture, history and many more categories View
08 Jun 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 39855Aspects of the book 9: Reading View
07 Jun 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 45238Geology & Mineralogy View
06 Jun 2022Books & BygonesTheatre & Performing Arts, TV & Radio Theatre & Performing Arts (117) includes Programmes TV & Radio (35) includes Electronis of ... View
04 Jun 2022Books & BygonesTravel 20220604278Worldwide Travel Expeditions etc. View
04 Jun 2022Books & BygonesTopography Berkshire & South / General Worldwide183Berkshire & Southern Counties (70) General (113) View
02 Jun 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 92129A fine collection of rare musical letters and documents mainly of the 19th Century View
02 Jun 2022Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdNew Acquisitions June 2022190historical photographs, printed ephemera, original art – and more. View
02 Jun 2022Sophia Rare BooksHeralds of Science45A Tribute to Bern Dibner View
02 Jun 2022De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 148363A selection of fine, rare and important books and manuscripts View
02 Jun 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 39745Words and knowledge View
02 Jun 2022Bernard QuaritchMay New Acquisitions30A list of New Acquisitions from across our departments - from law and literature to medicine and architecture, religion and philosophy - among them books with illustrations, annotations, and inscriptions, and books printed and bound around Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia. View
02 Jun 2022Collinge & ClarkList 52, June 2022168Private Presses View
31 May 2022Books & Bygones19052022 Beer, Wines & Spirits77Beer (23), Wines & Spirits (54)books Beer making, pubs Home brewing, verses, tradidtions, cooking with .., cider, tea, coffee, beverages View
30 May 2022R.G. Watkins Books and PrintsBesant. Books on Theosophy, the Occult, Psychology, Medicine, Religion and Esoteric Subjects139Theosophy Occult Psychology, Medicine Religion Esoteric guru View
27 May 2022Sophia Rare Books 4545 landmark writings in mathematics from 1520 to 1930 View
27 May 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 39651Politics and governance View
20 May 2022Books & Bygones20052022 Victorian & Edwardian6Lasdun, Susan. Victorians at Home, Marshall, Emma. Sir Valentine's Victory and other stories, Martin, Joanna. Governess in the Age of Jane Austen, A - Journals and Letters of Agnes Porter, Pakenham, Valerie. Noonday Sun: Edwardians in the Tropics, Robinson, Commander C. N., R.N.. Celebrities of the Army. London: George Newnes, First Edition. Folio Complete set of the 18 sixpenny parts Walter, Elizabeth - Compiled By. Seasons Greetings View
20 May 2022Books & BygonesTrue Crime 2005202226English Murders from 1551 to 1888, Jack the Ripper, Monstrous Criminals, FBI Broke the Mob, Doctors on Trial, Murder of John Lennon, Manson Murders, Music and Crime, Art of Murder, Passion, Murder and Mystery, Foul Deeds Will Rise, Daughters of Cain, Macabre Crimes and Forensic Detection, Extraordinary Crimes, Part and Parcel Murders, Sex Killers, Book of Crimes, What Men Will Do for Money, Forgotten Crimes, Victorian Railway Murders, Were the right people brought to Trial, Police and Prisons, Murders Avenged from the Grave, Cops and other Robber, Bad Company - Drugs, Crimes and Cases of 1933. View
19 May 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 45185Humor View
19 May 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 39559Australian literature View
19 May 2022Books & Bygones19052022 Westerns58Western, TV related, fiction, non-fiction View
19 May 2022Books & Bygones19052022 War179Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical etc. View
18 May 2022Books & Bygones180522 - Women29Mixed subjects relating to/by Women View
11 May 2022Gaston RenardShort List 38996Miscellany View
11 May 2022Bernard Quaritch 50Ephemeral & Occasional View
11 May 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 45033Sixteenth-Century Books View
06 May 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 9176Rare opera singers signed photographs View
06 May 2022Steven Schuyler BooksellerSelected Titles - May 202280  View
03 May 2022Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdNew Acquisitions May 2022160books, historical photographs, manuscripts, printed ephemera and original artworks View
03 May 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 44912Twelve Recent Acquisitions View
29 Apr 2022Bernard QuaritchApril New Acquisitions and Chelsea Book Fair30New Acquisitions View
26 Apr 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 44826Freemasonry View
26 Apr 2022Collinge & ClarkList 5175Marbling, bookbinding and private presses View
26 Apr 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 9081Music manuscripts, autographs, letters and photographs View
25 Apr 2022Books & BygonesSci Fi & Fantasy Apr 202220 + 393Mainly Sci-Fi & Fantasy New listings, Langelaan, Logan, Lindholm, Llewelly, Lionel, Littell, Tolkien, Arden, Cover, Collins, Colvin, Foster, Fox, Franke, Gallager, Gearhart, Gee, Gygax plus full Sci-Fi & Fantasy Catalogue View
22 Apr 2022Altea GalleryEaster 202214Easter Upload of antiquarian maps- a preview View
22 Apr 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 447247Business, Economics & Finance View
22 Apr 2022Bernard QuaritchNew York 202280New York International Antiquarian Book Fair View
21 Apr 2022Robert Frew LtdNew York 202281  View
18 Apr 2022Books & BygonesSci-Fi Latest35Fairfax, John Farren, Mick Fettamen, Ann Finch, Simon Finney, Charles G. Flint, Kenneth C. Francis, Richard H. Gilman, Robert Goddin, Jeffrey Goodavage, Joseph F. Greene, Liz Gregorian, Joyce Gregory, John Gunnarsson, Thorarinn Hancock, Niel Jack Finney Kube-McDowell, Michael P Kurland, Michael Lieber, Arnold L. Lindsay, David Lindsay, Douglas Somtow, S.P. Springer, Nancy Stewart, George R. Stone, Dave Strasser, Dirk Strieber, Whitley Ursula K. Le Guin, Kim Stanley Robinson View
14 Apr 2022Sokol BooksNew York International Antiquarian Book Fair 2022150A Shortlist View
14 Apr 2022Bibliophile BooksCatalogue 401 New Features for April View
14 Apr 2022Sophia Rare Books  A selection of books for the 62nd New York International Antiquarian Book Fair View
14 Apr 2022Bernard QuaritchTo The North45Travels in the Arctic, Iceland, Russia, and Scandinavia View
14 Apr 2022Sanders of OxfordSpring 202250A catalogue of recent acquisitions View
13 Apr 2022J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansCatalogue 96 Part III827Musical literature Part III View
08 Apr 2022The Wayfarer's BookshopApril 202250Travel Around the World in Early Photograph Albums & Collections View
08 Apr 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 8969History and Literature. Autographs and manuscripts View
07 Apr 2022Sophia Rare BooksApril 2022 A Selection of Recent Arrivals View
07 Apr 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 44689Portuguese India View
07 Apr 2022J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansCatalogue 96 Part 2746Musical Literature View
07 Apr 2022J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansCatalogue 96 Part 1748Musical Literature View
01 Apr 2022Gaston RenardShort List 38859The Eighteenth Century - Part 1. View
26 Mar 2022Books & BygonesMarch latest Sci-Fi / Fantasy27Budrys, Algis Buttlar, Johannes Von Caidin, Martin Farren, Mick Henderson, Zenna Herbert, Frank Hitchcock, Raymond Nolan, William Paul, Barbara Pedlar, Kit / Davis, Gerry Simak Clifford Skinner, Ainslie Sloane, William Smith, Davic C. Smith, David / Rierney, Richard Smith, E.E. "Doc" Smith, George O. Smith, Guy N. Smith, Mark / Thomson, Jamie Spinrad, Norman View
25 Mar 2022Littera ScriptaMarch 2022 Books of Hours leaves View
23 Mar 2022Peter Moore Book SellerCatalogue 104243Photography including much Australian content View
23 Mar 2022Antique Print & Maps  Recent additions: 1930s-70s airline networks, pictorial & tourist maps | Korea | French wine regions View
23 Mar 2022St Philip's BooksCatalogue 981100Catalogue 98 Easter 2022 View
23 Mar 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 8857Autograph musical quotations signed View
23 Mar 2022Military BooksList 991112A continuation of books from Glen Sweeting and Peter Tsouris and others. Ordnance, Aviation etc View
23 Mar 2022Gaston RenardShort List 38765A Varied Selection View
23 Mar 2022Bernard Quaritch 25March New Acquisitions - A Selection of Rare Books View
23 Mar 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List Antiquarian Book Fair View
23 Mar 2022Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerCatalogue 246138In the Navy View
23 Mar 2022Sokol Books 28Papists in England, Scotland & Ireland (16th-17th century) View
19 Mar 2022Books & BygonesSci Fi & Fantasy Mar 2022340Achilleos, Chris and Suckling, Nigel Adams, Douglas Adams, Douglas Again, Dangerous Visions Book W Aldiss, Brian W. Allen DeFord, Miriam Anderson, Alan Anderson, Gerry Anderson, Kevin J. Anderson, Poul Andre, Norton Andrews, Allen Anthony, Piers Arnold, Edwin Lester Ashley, Mike Asimov, Isaac Asimov, Isaac Asimov, Isaac Asimov, Isaac Asimov, Isaac Asprin, Robert Asprin, Robert Lynn & Abbey, Lynn Asprin, Robert Lynn & Abbey, Lynn Audley, Author Bailey, Adrian and Dowell, Philip Banks, Iain M. Banks, Iain M. Barker, Clive Bassom, David Bear, Greg Belle, Pamela Benford, Gregory Bischoff, David F & Monteleone, Thomas F. Bishop, Michael Bisson, Terry Blinn, James Blish, James Blundell, Nigel Bord, Janet; Bord, Colin Bova, Ben Bradley, Marion Zimmer Briazack, Norman J and Mennick, Simon Brin, David Britain, Kristen Brookesmith, Peter Brooks, Terry Brosnan, John Brown, Fredric Bunch, Chris and Cole, Allan Burns, Jim Busby, F.M. C. J. Cherryh Caldwell, Steven Card, Orson Scott Card, Orson Scott Carey, Diane Carter, Carmen Chalker, Jack L. Charbonneau, Louis Charroux, Robert CHERRYH, C.J. Christoper, John Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur C. Clay, Beatrice Clement, Hal Conklin Groff, Editor Cook, Glen Corran, Mary Cowper, Richard Crichton, Michael Crichton, Michael Crichton, Michael Daley, Brian Darlington, David Davidson, Avram Davis, Courtney Dedman, Stephen Delaney, Samuel r Di Fate, Vincent and Summers, Ian Dick, Philip K. Dick, Philip K. Dickson, Gordon R. Dillard, J. M. Donaldson, Stephen R. Douglas, Sara Downie, Gary Duane Diane and Morwood Peter Eddings, David Eddings, David Eddings, David and Leigh Edelson, Edward and Chris Boyce Edmondson G. C. Edwards, Claudia Edwards Edwards, Malcolm and Holdstock, Robert Elison, Harlan (ed) Ellison, Harlan Emerson, R. Farmer, Philip Jose Ferman Edward L., editor Finder, Jan Howard Fletcher, John (written by) Ryan, Charles (edited by) Ford, John M. Foster, Alan Dean Foster, Alan Dean & Sherman, Stanford Foster, Robert Foster, Robert Francis, Richard H. Gemmell, David A. Genge, N. E. Gibson, William & Sterling, Bruce Gilbert, Henry Godwin, Parke Graham Masterton Gray, Alasdair Greenberg, Martin H. and Segriff, Larry Greenland, Colin Greenwald, Jeff Gribbin, John and Chown, Marcus Grimm, Jakob & Wilhelm Gunn, James Gunn, James Gunn, James E. Haldeman, Joe Haldeman, Joe Hales, E. E. Y Hamilton, Edmond Hamilton, Peter F. Harding, Simon Hardy, Lyndon Hardy, Phil (Editor) Harrison, Harry Harrison, M. John Hawley, Elizabeth and Rossi, Columbia Heinlein, Robert Herbert, Frank Herbert, Frank Herbert, Frank Herbert, Frank Highfield, Roger Holdstock, Robert Hoover, HN Huff, Lawrence Hunter, Gwilym Hyde, Christopher Irvine, Ian James P. Hogan Janes, Phil Janifer, Laurence M. John MacKenzie Jordan, Robert Jordan, Robert Justice, Keith L. Kane, Bob Kelley, Leo P. Kerr, Katharine Kerr, Katharine & Kreighbaum, Mark Kilworth, Garry Kilworth, Garry Kim, Stanley Robinson Knight, Damon Kornbluth, C. M. Krauss, Lawrence Kring, Michael Laumer, Keith Lawhead, Stephen Lawrence, Louise LeGuin Ursula K Lessing, Doris Lessing, Doris Lessing, Doris Lessing, Doris Lewis, Richard Lindholm, Megan Lint, Charles De Llywelyn, Morgan Locke, George Lord, Jeffrey Low, Prof. A.M Lowry, Brian Lustbader, Eric Lymington John Macgregor, Mary Mack Reynolds MacKenzie, Robert Macleod, Ken MacVicar, Angus Mancuso, Ted Masterton, Graham May, Julian McCaffrey, Anne McCaffrey, Anne McEwan, Ian McEwan, Ian McGeary, Duncan McNelly, Dr. Willis E. - compiled by ( Frank Herbert ) Mohs, Mayo Molstad, Stephen Moorcock Michael Moorcock, Michael Morgan, Chris (editor) Naha, Ed Naylor, Grant Nicholls, Stan Niven, Larry North, Edmund H and Coen, Franklin Norton, Andre Norton, Andre Norton, Andre - Akers - Dickson - Bradley - Lee - Stableford - Carter O'Connor, Daniel Offutt, Andrew J. Paul Stewart Paull, H.B. Perrin, Don; Weis, Margaret Phillips, Jayne Anne Phillips, Mark Phyllis Gotlieb Pierce, Meredith Ann Pohl, Frederik Pope, Nick Power, Phyllis M. Pratchett, Terry Pratchett, Terry Randle, Captain Kevin D. Rawn, Melanie Rawn, Melanie Reeves-Stevens, Garfield and Judith Retold By Laurence Housman Revell, Nick Reynolds, Mack Richard C. Meredith Rockwell, Carey Rottensteiner, Franz Rowley, Christopher Russell, Eric Frank Salsitz, R.A.V. Salvatore, R. A. Salvatore, R. A. Seargent, D. A. J. Shatner, William Sheckley, Robert Shepard, Lucius Sibley, Brian Silverberg, Robert Slavicsek, Bill Smith, Cordwainer Smith, Susy Somers Bart Sorel-Cameron, James Springer, Nancy Stein, Kevin Stephen Baxter Stephenson, Andrew M. Strieber, Whitley Tabori, Paul Tedford, William Tepper, Sheri S. Thorpe Clark, Mavis Tim Powers Tolkien J. R. R. Tolkien, J. R. R. Tolkien, J. R. R. Tolkien, J. R. R. Torro Pel Tuttle, Lisa Van der Meer, Froukje Van Vogt A.E Vance, Jack Vardeman, Robert E. Various Authors Verne, Jules Vinge, Vernor Vogt, A. E. van Vonnegut, Kurt Watt-Evans, Lawrence Wells, Angus White, James Wilcox, Robert K Williams, Tad Williams, Tad Williamson, Jack Williamson, Philip G. Wilson, Robert Charles Wolfe, Gene Wollheim Donald A Zelazny, Roger View
18 Mar 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 44422The Revival of Fine Printing in Spain View
09 Mar 2022Steven Schuyler BooksellerSelected Titles for March 202290  View
09 Mar 2022Unsworths Antiquarian BooksellersCatalogue E6125Classical, Early Printed, and recently acquired View
09 Mar 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 8760Autograph letters of composers: 1850-1950 View
01 Mar 2022Sokol Books 2Bindings: Fakes & Forgeries. A very short list View
01 Mar 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4437Seven Recent Acquisitions View
01 Mar 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 8674Signed Vintage Music Photographs and Postcards View
23 Feb 2022L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 8549Rare music and ballet cabinet card photographs of the 19th Century, including some signed photographs of composers View
23 Feb 2022Richard C. RamerSpecial List 44221Firsts Online, February 2022 View
23 Feb 2022Bernard QuaritchFebruary New Acquisitions30A Selection of Rare Books View
23 Feb 2022Gaston RenardShort List 38636Miscellany View
28 Nov 2021Books & BygonesCookery 2021367718th and 19th Century, Beeton, Modern, Celebrity Chefs, Vintage, Health, Menus, Recipes, Reference etc. View
26 Nov 2021Books & BygonesMedical Nov 2021 Ophthalmology, History, Death, Psychiatry, Surgery, Physiology, pregnancy, Ex-Libris Keeler Ivan Pain, Pathology, Migrains, Haematology, Skin, Aging, Cardiology, Allergies, Ear Nose and Throat, Pharmacy, Hearing Loss, Euthanasia, Polio, Plastic Surgery, Endometriosis, Speech, Rejuvenation, Vaccine & Serum Therapy, alternative medicine, Anatomy, Analgesia and Sedation, Cryogenics in Surgery, Dietetics, Elephant Man, Cancer, First Aid, Hygiene, Self Hypnosis, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Herbs, Post Mortem, Parkinson's, Obesity, Veterinary, Pathology, Degenerative Evolution, Obesity, P.M.T., View
26 Nov 2021Books & BygonesNovels (Fiction) Nov 2021583Novels, Classic, Fiction etc View
26 Nov 2021Books & BygonesHistory Nov 2021381History, Royalty, Reference, Dates, War etc. View
26 Nov 2021Books & BygonesTravel Nov 2021280A multitude of locations and adventures. View
26 Nov 2021Books & BygonesChildren's Nov 2021608Various Authors and readers View
26 Nov 2021Books & BygonesSci-Fi & Fantasy Nov 2021308Various Authors, Hardback and Paperback View
25 Nov 2021Glacier BooksMountaineering & Mountain Travel Mountaineering & Mountain Travel View
25 Nov 2021Glacier BooksPolar Travel & Exploration Polar Travel & Exploration View
24 Nov 2021Books & BygonesChristmas interest9WI, Leith, Food, Legend, William Morris Tree decoration, Delia, 12 Chefs. View
30 Apr 2021Asia Bookroom2071Sinologist, David Hawke, John Minford, China, Asian Art, Nianhua, Communist China, Prints, Chinese Art, Hua Junwu, Fang Zhaolin, Rao Jongyi, Story of the Stone, Translation View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View

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