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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
17 May 2024Sophia Rare BooksLondon Rare Book Fair Catalogue for Firsts - The London Rare Book Fair View
17 May 2024Collinge & ClarkMay 202448Consisting almost entirely of private press books View
17 May 2024Nudelman Rare BooksCatalogue 52254Fine Bindings, British and American Literature, Illustrated Books and much more, from the 17th to early 20th Centuries. View
17 May 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42952Important and Interesting Australiana View
17 May 2024Forest BooksCatalogue 11751Bookbinding, Printing, Library and Auction Catalogues View
15 May 2024Grosvenor Prints137658Prints, maps, engravings, mezzotints, satire, portraits, natural history View
11 May 2024HM FletcherFIRSTS 202446  View
10 May 2024Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersE-List 7375A "Moving Again" Sale View
10 May 2024Lim AntiquaCatalogue 191244Cinema, teatro e musica, autografi e fotografie View
10 May 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42838Writing, Calligraphy, Lettering and Typography View
10 May 2024Marshall Rare BooksFIRSTS 2024111A fine selection of rare works View
10 May 2024Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 49443Major League Baseball View
10 May 2024Bernard Quaritch 60Devotion View
03 May 2024Maggs Bros1522113Voyages and Travel View
03 May 2024Antiqua Print Gallery 150Maps from Petrus Bertius' 1603 world atlas View
03 May 2024Bernard QuaritchApril 202427A Selection of Rare Books View
03 May 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 511147Sub-Saharan Africa View
03 May 2024J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansCatalogue 10285HANDEL First and Early Editions View
03 May 2024Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 49368Australian children's books View
03 May 2024Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd 240New Acquisitions. items, including Australian and international art (monographs, catalogues and original works), 19th-century photography, children’s books, printed ephemera. View
03 May 2024De Búrca Rare Books 61Thomas Moore 1779-1852 View
26 Apr 2024McNaughtan's Bookshop & GalleryList 11130Recent Acquisitions View
26 Apr 2024Sokol Books 10Early Tudor Books View
25 Apr 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 51049Fernando Pessoa View
25 Apr 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42748A Miscellany View
25 Apr 2024Antiqua Print Gallery 470Maps and views of Northern England (1789-1935) View
19 Apr 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42653Australia and Pacific View
19 Apr 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 5094Four Recent Acquisitions View
12 Apr 2024Sanders of OxfordSpring 202450Recent Acquisitions View
12 Apr 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42525Stonehenge & other Megaliths View
12 Apr 2024Lim AntiquaCatalogue 190141Autographs and manuscripts View
12 Apr 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 50829Piracy View
05 Apr 2024Marshall Rare BooksNew York Book Fair 20242525 Highlights for New York Book Fair View
05 Apr 2024Bernard QuaritchNew York Book Fair 202480Included are annotated and unrecorded incunables, Aldines and illuminations, early printing in Armenian, Ethiopic, Persian, Arabic, and Hebrew, manuscripts from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries, Americana and arcana, proof sheets and printed waste, fine and unusual bindings, engravings, broadsides, maps. View
05 Apr 2024Robert Frew LtdNew York 202488  View
05 Apr 2024Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdApril 2024250Literature, science, art, travel and exploration, Australian historical photographs, maps, manuscripts, and printed ephemera. View
05 Apr 2024Sophia Rare BooksApril 2024 Copernicus, Galilei, Kepler, Leibniz, Newton View
05 Apr 2024Steven Schuyler BooksellerApril 202478Selected titles View
05 Apr 2024The Wayfarer's BookshopApril 202445Travel Around the World in Early Photograph Albums & Collections View
05 Apr 2024Collinge & ClarkCatalogue 63111Easter list View
05 Apr 2024L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 116197Autographs and photographs View
29 Mar 2024Shapero Rare Books 50Maghreb to the Far East in Manuscript and Print View
29 Mar 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 50618Shipwrecks View
28 Mar 2024J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansCatalogue 10176NEW ACQUISITIONS March 2024 Rare Printed and Manuscript Music 16th-20th Centuries View
20 Mar 2024Bernard QuaritchMarch 202425March New Acquisitions - A Selection of Rare Books View
20 Mar 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 50515Fifteen Recent Acquisitions View
20 Mar 2024Lim AntiquaCatalogue 189148Autografi musicali View
20 Mar 2024Grosvenor PrintsCatalogue 136204For the London and Paris Print Fairs View
20 Mar 2024Sokol BooksNew York International Antiquarian Book Fair - shortlist150  View
15 Mar 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 504597597 Items Not Located in OCLC View
15 Mar 2024De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 15561A selection of rare and hard to find books relating to Ireland including: Early Printed Books, Irish History, Literature, Poetry, Fine Bindings, Political, First Editions, Religion and Signed Editions. View
15 Mar 2024De Bry Rare Books124Early Travel Early Printing Manuscript Bindings Japanese Books View
08 Mar 2024Bernard Quaritch145660from 1472 to the early eighteenth century and featuring books printed in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Italian, English, Dutch, Spanish, Old Church Slavonic and Shtokavian. View
08 Mar 2024Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdMarch 2024200New Acquisitions March 2024 View
08 Mar 2024Steven Schuyler BooksellerMarch 202481Selected Titles View
08 Mar 2024Mike Park Books106993Botany and gardening, John Clare, Edward Thomas. Massingham. Gardening. Botany. Natural History View
08 Mar 2024Collinge & Clark62107Fine books for Lent View
08 Mar 2024Unsworth's Antiquarian Booksellers7219Recent Acquisitions View
08 Mar 2024St Philip's Books1011250Art & Topography, Literature & Fiction, Church History (all periods), Spirituality, and Fine & Rare books. View
01 Mar 2024John Robertshaw166191English books before 1800 View
01 Mar 2024Blackwell's Rare Books 30Decorated Cloth View
01 Mar 2024Maggs Bros 383Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dystopia View
29 Feb 2024Bernard QuaritchFebruary 202425New Acquisitions - A Selection of Rare Books View
29 Feb 2024Altea Gallerye-Catalogue 1930Exceptional Maps View
23 Feb 2024Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 48317Celebrating Eric Gill View
23 Feb 2024Bernard QuaritchCambridge 202440A selection of rare books and manuscripts at the PBFA Cambridge fair. View
23 Feb 2024Antiqua Print GalleryFebruary 20241462Vanity Fair "Spy" cartoons (1868-1914) View
23 Feb 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 50327Twenty-Seven Items from the Library of Albino Forjaz de Sampaio Recently Acquired View
23 Feb 2024Stokes BooksFebruary 2024622Over 100 books on 1916 - 1923 View
16 Feb 2024Antiqua Print Gallery 27Horwood's plan of London & Westminster (1792-9 and 1807) View
16 Feb 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 50210Ten Works by Antonio Botto Recently Acquired View
08 Feb 2024Steven Schuyler BooksellerFebruary 202474Selected Titles View
08 Feb 2024Lim Antiqua188113Autografi e manoscritti View
08 Feb 2024Sophia Rare BooksCalifornia 2024 Descartes, Einstein, Leibniz, Newton, Vesalius View
08 Feb 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42470A Miscellany View
08 Feb 2024Bernard QuaritchCalifornia 202475California Book Fair 2024 View
08 Feb 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 5015Five Recent Acquisitions View
31 Jan 2024Kingsbridge BooksWinter 2024300+Polar exploration View
31 Jan 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42361Bookselling View
31 Jan 2024Bernard QuaritchJanuary 202430A Selection of Rare Books View
31 Jan 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 50039Sixteenth-Century Books View
31 Jan 2024L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 11575Music, opera and ballet autographs and photographs View
25 Jan 2024Antiqua Print GalleryJanuary 2024200British Isles (1616-1966) View
25 Jan 2024L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 114300Autograph letters and documents View
25 Jan 2024Bernard QuaritchStuttgart 202460A selection of rare books and manuscripts View
25 Jan 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4997Seven Recently Acquired Auto da Fé Sermons View
19 Jan 2024Gaston RenardShort List 42282Africa: Some Books, Postcards & Ephemera View
19 Jan 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 49811Eleven Recent Acquisitions View
09 Jan 2024Sophia Rare BooksJanuary 202458Archimedes, Fibonacci, Descartes, Einstein, Turing View
09 Jan 2024Richard C. RamerSpecial List 497191The Azores View
22 Dec 2023Bernard QuaritchDecember 202330A short list of thirty freshly catalogued books and manuscripts for December. Among them are a manuscript Aristotelian commentary, the life of an amorous abbot, and Valerius Flaccus’s Argonautica, as well as works on accounting, aesthetics, and much more besides. View
21 Dec 2023Antiqua Print GalleryRecent Additions20020th century & pictorial maps View
15 Dec 2023Bernard Quaritch145572English Books and Manuscripts View
15 Dec 2023J & J Lubrano Music AntiquariansDecember 202360New Acquisitions View
15 Dec 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 49624The Dutch in Brazil & Around the World View
15 Dec 2023Gaston RenardShort List 42162A Seasonal Selection View
08 Dec 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4959Nine Recent Acquisitions View
08 Dec 2023St Philip's BooksCatalogue 100850Art & Topography, Literature & Fiction, Liturgy, Church History (all periods), Marian & other Spirituality, and Fine & Rare books View
08 Dec 2023Bernard QuaritchChristmas 202350A selection of fifty rare books, manuscripts, and more to usher in the holiday season. View
29 Nov 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 49446Botany View
24 Nov 2023Bernard QuaritchNovember 202325New Acquisitions View
17 Nov 2023Antiqua Print Gallery 34The River Thames & Thames Valley: antique maps & views (1645-1957) View
17 Nov 2023Sanders of Oxford 50Recent Acquisitions View
17 Nov 2023Military BooksList 105483Second Part of the Schriver collection. Many Marine Corps and Submarine books. View
17 Nov 2023Military BooksList 1041002First part of the collection of John Schriver. Emphasis on World War II Army Air Force aviation unit histories, bomber and fighter group published in the 1940s and 50s. Other aviation books. View
17 Nov 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 493281Military View
17 Nov 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 11276Music autographs View
17 Nov 2023L’Autographe S.A. 500500 rare “cartes-de-visite” photographs of important personalities taken by Disderi, Franck, Nadar and many other famous photographers View
10 Nov 2023Lim AntiquaCatalogue 18393Autografi e manoscritti View
01 Nov 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 492110Music View
20 Oct 2023Gaston RenardShort List 42045Some Facsimile Voyages View
20 Oct 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 11182Music autographs View
20 Oct 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 49190Brazilian Colonial Authors View
29 Sep 2023L’Autographe S.A.Catalogue 110111Music autographs View
29 Sep 2023Bernard QuaritchSeptember 202330September New Acquisitions - A Selection of Rare Books View
14 Sep 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4886Six Recent Acquisitions View
07 Sep 2023De Búrca Rare BooksCatalogue 153250Exceedingly rare items relating to Ireland View
07 Sep 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48785Modernism View
28 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 486117Women Authors View
26 Aug 2023Arthur HookOld Maps of London 202346Maps of London from the 1740s to the 1940s View
18 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48569Naval History View
11 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 4845Five Recent Acquisitions View
04 Aug 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48337Missions and Missionaries View
27 Jul 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48224Recent Acquisitions View
21 Jul 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48021Recent Acquisitions View
21 Jul 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 48130Morocco View
23 Jun 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47941  View
02 Jun 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41890A Darwin List View
25 May 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47784On Women View
12 May 2023Gaston RenardShort List 41784A Miscellany View
21 Apr 2023Richard C. RamerSpecial List 47425Spanish & Portuguese Golden Age Literature View
26 Oct 2022Bernard QuaritchOctober 202220A Selection of Rare Books View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View

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