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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
17 Oct 2019Gaston RenardShort List 31263The Pacific Region View
17 Oct 2019L’Autographe SA66173autographs View
17 Oct 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 28951Naval and Military History View
17 Oct 2019The Wayfarer's Bookshop 63October 2019 Travel Photograph Albums & Collections View
12 Oct 2019Antiquariat Hohmann88546Economic History View
11 Oct 2019De Burca Rare Books140 A selection of fine, rare and important books and manuscripts View
11 Oct 2019Sanders of Oxford  Vanitas Vanitatum View
10 Oct 2019The Wayfarer's Bookshop 50British Columbia - 50 Rare Manuscript, Photographic & Printed Items View
10 Oct 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian Bookseller28844Music and Musicians View
10 Oct 2019Gaston Renard31158An O list View
10 Oct 2019Jeff Weber Rare Books228155Rare books in Pediatrics & Medical history View
10 Oct 2019Michael R. Thompson Rare Books 59The “Renaissance, Southern California Style” and its Legacy View
10 Oct 2019Raptis Rare BooksFall Catalogue 2019   View
10 Oct 2019Richard C. Ramer Old & Rare BooksSpecial List 349242Two Hundred Forty-Two Books Printed in France View
10 Oct 2019S. Howlett-West Books  World War I Ballooning & Aviation View
10 Oct 2019Honey & Wax 15A Nineteenth-Century List View
10 Oct 2019Electibles6231Miscellany: Horseshoes, Anti-integration, Astrological Volvelle & Of Course, the Children View
10 Oct 2019Donald A. Heald Rare BooksOctober 201925Americana View
09 Oct 2019Steven Schuyler BookdealerOctober 201950New arrivals, Old House Journal reference library, Architecture and History, Pattern Books, Construction Methods and Materials, Metal and Hardware, Brick and Stone, Sale Items View
03 Oct 2019Graham York Rare Books111 A Few Gypsies View
03 Oct 2019Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd 200New Acquisitions October 2019 View
03 Oct 2019Arthur Hook Books & Maps 45Atlases & Geographies 1750-1950 View
03 Oct 2019Gaston Renard31079Voyages View
03 Oct 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 28749Australian Literature View
27 Sep 2019Antiquariat Dieter StecherList 562Economics and related subjects A selection of rare English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, and Latin writings 1617-2007 View
26 Sep 2019Steven Schuyler Bookseller 67Selected titles for September 2019 View
26 Sep 2019Unsworths Antiquarain BooksellersE-list 4326Antiquarian classics View
26 Sep 2019Victor Sutcliffe  Regimental Histories of the British Army View
26 Sep 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 30926Mary Grant Bruce View
26 Sep 2019Gaston RenardShort List 30975Military and Naval History View
20 Sep 2019J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarians85103Autograph Musical Manuscripts & Letters of Composers First & Early Editions of Printed Music Rare Books on Music Iconography View
18 Sep 2019Gaston RenardShort List 30874An N-List View
18 Sep 2019Sign of the PipeVIII200+pipe organs, organ builders, organ booklets, organ ephemera, organ builders brochures View
16 Sep 2019Grosvenor Prints94150Prints,engravings,mezzotints,aquatints,etchings,lithographs View
12 Sep 2019Sokol Books7582Mixed View
06 Sep 2019Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd 300New Acquisitions list for September 2019 View
06 Sep 2019Gaston RenardShort List 30668Travels View
06 Sep 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 28349Leisure Time View
06 Sep 2019Gerald Baker 40York Book Fair catalogue - a miscellany of books in a number of categories, including topography, railways, maritime, motoring and classic literature. View
30 Aug 2019Sanders of Oxford 43Wenceslaus Hollar Costumes, Castles, & Cathedrals View
28 Aug 2019Gaston RenardShort List 30588M-Miscellany View
28 Aug 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 28243It is a mystery View
22 Aug 2019Steven Schuyler BookdealerAugust 201963Architecture, mid-century modern design, construction methods and materials, pattern books, brick and stone, metal and hardware View
21 Aug 2019Gaston RenardShort List 30474Natural History and Science View
21 Aug 2019Grosvenor Prints93104Satire,Caricature,Etchings,prints,engravings, View
07 Aug 2019Inch's BooksRecent Aquisitions20Architecture View
31 Jul 2019Porcupine Books86470Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books: P. T. O. View
31 Jul 2019Gaston RenardShortlist 30145Journals View
31 Jul 2019Sokol BooksUnder £3,000 Catalogue XVII47XVII Century View
31 Jul 2019Sokol BooksUnder £3,000 Catalogue38XVI Century View
26 Jul 2019Kay Craddock - Antiquarian BooksellerShort List 27754Signed, Inscribed, Association Copies View
26 Jul 2019Gaston RenardShort List No. 300 - 201959Book Collecting, Book Selling and Books on Books View
26 Jul 2019Bennett & Kerr Books212901Middle Ages & Renascence View
25 Jul 2019Michael Treloar Antiquarian BooksellersOnline Catalogue #40100Autographs, Australiana, Ornithology, Colonial paintings and more View
17 Jan 2019Sanders of OxfordJanuary salexxxThis year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo manned Moon landings and also sees the world’s first close-range images of the “dark side of the moon”[1], courtesy of China’s Yutu-2 rover recent landing in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, the moon's largest and oldest impact crater. The selection of material presented in the exhibition covers the century leading up to the Space Race, and features nineteenth century engravings from the period of debate surrounding crater creation[2], alongside an important collection of photographic selenographic observations by the French Astronomers Gabriel Delmotte (1876 -1950), Henri Camichel (1907-2003), and his colleagues at the Pic-duMidi Observatory. The exhibition concludes with images from the landmark Photographic Lunar Atlas, published by the University of Chicago Press in 1960 and printed infographic maps of the Moon’s surface published in the year of man’s first steps on the Moon. View
13 Dec 2018Lame Excuse Books2019xxxArt books, hardbacks, trade paperbacks, Mass market paperbacks View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View

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