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DateDealerCatalogue NoItemsSubjects/KeywordsView
24 Nov 2017BibliomaniacsNo. 924Nineteenth Century Books & Ephemera View
23 Nov 2017Libreria Antiquaria RappaportNo. 19770Antiquarian books View
22 Nov 2017Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersE 3120Recent Acquisitions: Early Printing and Classics View
17 Nov 2017Kingsbridge BooksNovember273Polar Exploration. Ross, Antarctic Books, Arctic Books, Polar Ephemera View
15 Nov 2017Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdNovemberxxxBooks for sale at China in Print View
15 Nov 2017Bernard Quaritch LtdNovember76Books for sale at China in Print View
15 Nov 2017Altea Gallery LtdNo. 4 NovemberxxxRecent acquisitions: Original Antique Maps, Rare Maps, Old Maps, Old Charts, Antique Prints, Wall Maps, Antique Atlases, Celestial Maps & Old Globes. View
15 Nov 2017J & J Music Antiquarian LLCNo. 82310Opera scores from the Collection of Jerome Holover (1943-2013) Part 2: M-Z View
14 Nov 2017BibliophileNo. 357xxxPostal bargains View
14 Nov 2017Asia BookroomChina in Print 201715China Hong Kong East Asia Maps Antiquarian Rare Books Ephemera History View
10 Nov 2017Porcupine BooksNo. 79434Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
10 Nov 2017Antiquariat Dieter StecherList No. 680Economics and related subjects - selection of rare French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish writings 1571-2007 View
09 Nov 2017Sophia Rare BooksBoston Book FairxxxBooks for sale at the Boston Book Fair View
09 Nov 2017Kestrel BooksNo. 16221Modern First editions View
09 Nov 2017J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarian LLCNo. 82145Opera scores from the Collection of Jerome Holover (1943-2013) Part 1: A-L View
03 Nov 2017Zetetic BooksBulletin XVI26Antiquarian books, Bindings, Poetry, Broadsides, Pamphlets View
02 Nov 2017Sophie Dupre AutographsNovember7Documents signed by the Tsars from Catherine the Great to Nicholas II View
02 Nov 2017Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersList E3041Some English Translations of Classical Authors View
02 Nov 2017C P HylandNo. 262682Topographical, Agriculture, Gardening, Land, Art (& Illustrated- and some crafts), Bibliography Bibliomania, Bibliophilia, Celtic Studies (A broad spectrum including Archeology & Vikings), Nua Gaeilge, Economics, Trade & Commerce, Education, Genealogy & Heraldry, Law, Medicine & Health, Military, Music, Natural History & Sciences, Sport View
02 Nov 2017Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdNovemberxxx  View
01 Nov 2017Voyager Press Rare Books & ManuscriptsAutumn 201725WWII Photography - Mussolini,Liberation of France & Italy, Australia, Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw Archives - Militarye and Irish Music Sheets Manuscripts - Botanical Samples, Land Deeds, Physics View
01 Nov 2017Grosvenor Prints75622Prints, engravings, aquatints, mezzotints, lithographs,satire, caricature, portraits View
26 Oct 2017J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarian LLC2017167Ivor Stravinsky Books, Scores, and Libretti View
25 Oct 2017Lesley AitchisonNo, 126270Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc. View
24 Oct 2017Meridian Rare BooksThe Polar Regions: Catalogue 19164Arctic, Antarctic, Polar, Amundsen, Captain Cook, Captain Scott, Parry, Shackleton, Peary, Nansen, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Arktis, Antarktis, ephemera, Svalbard, Iceland, South Pole, North Pole View
21 Oct 2017The Wayfarer's BookshopOctober 2017xxxExploration, Travels, Travel, Voyages View
20 Oct 2017Voyager Press Rare Books & Manuscripts 65Historical Documents and Archives on Travel & Exploration View
19 Oct 2017Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdOctoberxxxAustralian Literature View
19 Oct 2017Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersList E 29164Pre-1900 books, British History, Classics & Antiquity, Middle Ages & Renaissance, Modern History & Society, Post-Renaissance Arts & Literature View
19 Oct 2017Sanders of OxfordOctoberxxxHalloween, ghoulish, grotesque, and gruesome. Sixteenth century Lutheran world map of the Antichrist, mori optical illusion, Monstrorum Historia, and Temptation of St Anthony View
19 Oct 2017Mike Park LtdNo. 103952Plant hunting, Orchids, British Floras, Gardening, Natural History & Country Life View
12 Oct 2017St Philips BooksCatalogue 82: Michaelmas 20172,753Christian Art & Topography, Church History General & Medieval, Marian ~ Liturgy & Sacraments, fine and rare, Church History 1500-2017 ~ Eastern Christianity, Scholasticism ~ Henry Bradshaw / Alcuin Club Catholic Record Society ~ Inklings, General Art & Topography, Fine and rare addenda, Philosophy of Religion View
12 Oct 2017Bennett & Kerr BooksNo. 203893Middle ages and renascence Books printed before 1850, British Museum, Post-medieval literature, history & bibliography, Middle Ages View
11 Oct 2017Forest BooksNo. 115468Books pertaining to the book arts, bookbinding, printing, bookselling & library history. Orders and enquiries: bib at View
06 Oct 2017The Antiquarian ScientistNo. 42313Antiquarian Books Science, Medicine, & Technology View
05 Oct 2017Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdOctoberxxxLatest acquisitions for October View
05 Oct 2017Inch's BooksOctober20Design View
04 Oct 2017Grosvenor Prints74341prints, drawings, mezzotints, engravings, etchings, aquatints, portraits, dogs, sporting View
03 Oct 2017Antiquates LtdList Aw50Recent antiquarian book acquisitions, from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. View
29 Sep 2017Altea Gallery LtdOctoberxxxRecent acquisitions View
29 Sep 2017Sophia Rare BooksOctoberxxxRecent acquisitions View
29 Sep 2017Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdAmsterdam13Rare books from the collection of Nicholas Ingleton View
29 Sep 2017The Wayfarer's BookshopVancouver Rare Book, Photograph & Paper Show50A Selection of Fifty Original British Columbia Historical Photographs for: View
29 Sep 2017Zetetic BooksBulletin XV61Russia, Russian Revolution, Communism, Socialism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Soviet Union, Bolsheviks View
22 Sep 2017Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersList E 2875Antiquarian, British, Classical, Medieval, Modern View
15 Sep 2017Peter Moore BooksellerNo 100326AUSTRALIA: Books, Maps, Prints, Photographs, Manuscripts and Letters, Pamphlets and Post Cards View
15 Sep 2017Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdSeptemberxxxLatest acquisitions September View
14 Sep 2017Antiquariat Dieter StecherList 5/201775Economics and related subjects. A selection of rare English, French, German, Italian and Swedish writings 1741-1996 View
14 Sep 2017BibliophileC 355xxxPostal bargains View
14 Sep 2017Unsworth's Antiquarian BooksellersNo. 31164a Miscellany of pre-1900 books, Classical and otherwise. View
14 Sep 2017Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty LtdSeptemberxxxArchitecture and rare books View
14 Sep 2017Lame Excuse BooksSeptember 2017xxxArt books View
07 Sep 2017Grosvenor PrintsNo. 73200An American View
02 Sep 2017Zetetic BooksCatalogue XIII90William Morris, Socialism, Socialist, Pamphlets, Broadsides, Buxton Forman, Forgeries, Sophistications View
01 Sep 2017John Turton Antiquarian BooksSeptember2323 items from stock. A random selection of interesting books & pieces of ephemera View
01 Sep 2017Meridian Rare BooksSeptember113Zermatt and the Matterhorn View
18 Aug 2017Anthony Smith BooksNo 4502Antiques & Decoration, Architecture, Art, Autobiography, Biography, Bookish, Children's, Diaries & Letters, Essays, Fiction, Fine Press, History, Illustrated, Miscellanies, Natural History & Gardening, Oddments, Photography, Poetry & Plays, Sets, Travel View
11 Aug 2017Arthur HookAugust84Railway maps View
26 Jul 2017Porcupine BooksNo. 78426Catalogue of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
05 Jul 2017St Philips BooksNo. 812,840Major 20th-Century Authors: Chesterton, Knox &c, Patristics, Church History 1800-2000, Social & Moral. Fine & Rare: Addenda, Scholastic Theology & Philosophy. Biblical: Scripture Texts. Biblical: Grammars, Concordances, Lexicons. Bible: General, Old Testament, New Testament, Liturgy & Sacraments: Academic Studies View
29 Jun 2017J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarian LLCSummer 2017402American & English Opera, Operetta, & Vocal Music View
29 Jun 2017Janette Ray BooksellersNo. 9790Garden cities View
19 Jun 2017R.G. Watkins Books and PrintsNo. 73118Recent acquisitions - prints books and maps View
15 Jun 2017Colwyn Books2017852Theology View
25 May 2017Meridian Rare BooksNo. 18100Travel and Exploration View
20 Apr 2017Books & Bygones2017 Main Catalogue11369General Catalogue with over 4,500 cookbooks included, by author A - K. View
20 Apr 2017Books & Bygones2017 Main Catalogue Authors L-Z11369General Catalogue (with over 4,500 cookbooks included, by author. View
20 Apr 2017Books & Bygones2017 Bargain Catalogue Various Authors View
15 Feb 2017Alan R BeattieFeb 2017xxxAmericana Books: American - Civil War, Frontier, Native, Dealer catalogues, Exploration and Travel, Military and Indian war, Mountain Men, Fur Trade, Outlaws, Gun Fighters, Lawmen, Reference, Specialist journals, Western Art and American literature View
10 Feb 2017Cameron House BooksMichael Ayrton (1921-1975) - Part 2xxxNB: Large file - allow time to download! Bulk of his published written and illustrated work, including signed, limited editions, presentation copies, contributions to periodicals, bookplate and Christmas card designs, dustwrapper designs, exhibition catalogues, an Autograph letter, and some reference material. Part Two 4. Contributions to books, periodicals 5. Biography, bibliography, critical studies 6. Exhibition catalogues 7. Ephemera & Addenda Index View
10 Feb 2017Cameron House BooksMichael Ayrton - Part 1xxxA collection comprising the bulk of his published written and illustrated work, including signed, limited editions, presentation copies, contributions to periodicals, bookplate and Christmas card designs, dustwrapper designs, exhibition catalogues, an Autograph letter, and some reference material. Part One 1. Books written or edited by Ayrton 2. Books illustrated by Ayrton 3. Dustwrappers and cover designs View
04 Feb 2017Geoff Booth2017376Folio Society, Wisdens, Franklin Library, First Editions View
03 Feb 2017Gerald BakerFebruary 201740Cambridge Book Fair catalogue - a miscellany of books in a number of categories, including topography, railways, motoring, maritime and classic literature. View
12 Jan 2017Books & BygonesNew Cookery Jan 2017134Cookery, Modern, Recipe, Foreign View
01 Dec 2016Books & BygonesNew Listings November 2016208Cookery, Food, Recipes, Celebrity View
04 Nov 2016Porcupine BooksNo. 75425Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult books View
30 Sep 2016Books & BygonesPhotography 201626Angel, Nude, World War, Candid, Composite, Impossible Filming, Kodak, Eastman, Black & White, Victorian and Edwardian, Nature, Animals, Graphic, Formulary, Heroes and Anti-heroes, RAF, Air, Artists, Royal Photographic Society, Exposure, Victoria & Albert Museum, History, Odhams, Manual, Photography, Practical. Guide, Amateurs, Le Corps et Le Nature, Praha ve fotografi Karla Plicky, Sepia, Russian, Czech, English, French, Kilburn, Reflections, Frelance, Travel, Memorable, 1955, Railway, Dave Lee Travis, Media, Women, Phobias, Landscape View
01 Sep 2016Gerald BakerSeptember 201640York Book Fair catalogue - a miscellany of books in a number of categories, including topography, railways, motoring, the Sixties and classic literature. View
04 Dec 2015Books & BygonesCatalogue Listings for Year 2015 (Dec 2015)383Architecture, Art & Art History, Food & Drink -...... Just Drinks & Beverages ...... Cookery, Countryside, Craft & Needlework,Horticulture & Gardening, History, Horses, Humour, Language, Literature, Medical, Music Nature, Novel, Poetry, Politics, Reference, Religious, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Topography, Travel, War, Women View

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