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20/05/2022 Books & Bygones True Crime 20052022 English Murders from 1551 to 1888, Jack the Ripper, Monstrous Criminals, FBI Broke the Mob, Doctors on Trial, Murder of John Lennon, Manson Murders, Music and Crime, Art of Murder, Passion, Murder and Mystery, Foul Deeds Will Rise, Daughters of Cain, Macabre Crimes and Forensic Detection, Extraordinary Crimes, Part and Parcel Murders, Sex Killers, Book of Crimes, What Men Will Do for Money, Forgotten Crimes, Victorian Railway Murders, Were the right people brought to Trial, Police and Prisons, Murders Avenged from the Grave, Cops and other Robber, Bad Company - Drugs, Crimes and Cases of 1933.

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